Nestle Chairman Says Water is Not a Human Right

In a recently released interview with We Feed The World, Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck makes some astonishing claims, that water should be privatized and it is not a human right.

Nestle is the largest water distribution company in the world and the 27th largest company global company overall. With so many employees why would it makes any sense that they are socially responsible?

“After 15 years of eating GM food products in the usage no single case of illness has occurred from eating them to date… It’s hypocrisy more than anything else”, Brabeck

I guess Brabeck, only eats processed junk food and buys

He goes on to say water should be privatized, claiming reps by NGO reps who pushes for public water access are extreme. “As a human being you should have the right to water, that’s an extreme”

He believes that it is a social responsibility of any Chairman to make as much profit as possible so people will have jobs.

This is unfortunately not the first time Nestle has been reported for exploiting water. In the small Pakistani community of Bhati Dilwan, a former village councilor says children were getting sick by filthy water. Coincidentally, Nestle dug a deep well that were depriving locals of portable water. “The water is not only very dirty, but the water level sank from 100 to 300 to 400 feet,” Dilwan says.

All in the new documentary film “Bottled Life by Swiss filmmaker URs Schnell and journalist Res Ghrigner.

In view of the fact that every day more children die from drinking dirty water than AIDS, war, traffic accidents and malaria put together, Maude Barlow, a former UN chief advisor for water issues, states: “When a company like Nestlé comes along and says, Pure Life is the answer, we’re selling you your own ground water while nothing comes out of your faucets anymore or if it does it’s undrinkable – that’s more than irresponsible, that’s practically a criminal act.”