Flying Pig – Yaletown’s Best Value Brunch

Flying Pig – Brunch Review – Yaletown, BC

Newer entry to Yaletown’s entertainment district, Flying Pig is a casual Canadian bistro offering a local and seasonally inspired menu. I have to say this is one of the best valued restaurants in Yaletown. Their price point and great food is what will have me coming back again and again.

I sat down for both the dinner and brunch. Both experiences were amazing. Since I LOVE brunch that is what my review would be based on.

Braised Pork Cheeks and two poached eggs drizzled with hollandaise sauce. This artery clogging dish was intense in all levels. The in your face flavor, richness and mouth-watering smell.  4/5

braised pork cheeks

Open faced New York Steak with a bed of greens.  After sampling the Braised Pork Cheeks this dish was pretty average. Simple dish made well. 3.5/5

open face NY Steak Sandwich

French Toast with Blueberry Compote, the raving beauty of our meal. My friend has been taunting me with this for weeks. I had to try it out to shut her up and, I was glad I did. Arriving at the table this looked sickly sweet. It wasn’t at all, we all loved it. 4.5/5

French Toast (1)

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Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar – Simple and Tasty Italian, Best Value Downtown

Frankies Bar

We were seated in the dining section for a late lunch. Sadly, other than us there was one other patron. The room was nice and spacious. The service was friendly and, the food was simple and good dishes. It reminded me of home cooked Italian dinners.


Bolognaise pasta – it was very good, and the sauce was not overly salty as with many pasta dishes.

bolognaise pasta

We both enjoyed the seafood risotto, with prawns, scallop and, the risotto was perfectly cooked and the then creamy tomato based sauce was rich and flavorful.

seafood rissoto

Overall, the price was very pretty decent for portion and the quality. Actually, it may be the best value Italian food you can find downtown Vancouver, even without our discount.  We ended using a Frankie’s promotional flyer at a $20 discount.

I would absolutely recommend this restaurant for lunch.

Frankies receipt

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Twisted Fork Bistro – Popular Brunch Fare

Very popular brunch spot Downtown Vancouver on Granville serving benedicts to frittata’s

Food Persuasion Level: [rating=3]
Value: [rating=4]
Service: [rating=4]
Ambiance: [rating=3]
Price: $
Cuisine: Brunch
Location: Downtown Vancouver
Twisted Fork Menu

Get there early, we got there by 10:30AM on a sunny Saturday and there were only a few seats left. By 11AM there was a small crowd forming outside, so get there early.

Every plate on their brunch menu “entree” size is $12.
We decided on their benny’s: Eggs Benny with toasted brioche, poached eggs, hollandaise and served with sautéed spinach, rosti and baked beans
choose your filler ~ chorizo, ham, bacon, roasted chicken, smoked salmon, avocado or roasted tomato.

Eggs Benny with Smoked Salmon, the brioche was a bit soggy from the sauce. The hollandaise sauce tasted like it was made in house the smoked salmon, wasn’t really up to par. It tasted like it was bought from Costco. Not a fan of the beans, but my friend liked it. All in all it’s not a bad dish if you love smoked salmon but not something I would reorder.

Eggs Benny with Smoked Salmon

Chorizo Eggs Benny was far better, that was delicious. The Chorizo sausages gave it a nice spicy kick. Again, the brioche was a bit soggy.

Chorizo Eggs Benny

It is a nice spot, a little cramped. I would return for their French toast and their frittata, which seemed very popular that morning but, would I wait for 45 minutes for a table? No.

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The Next Local Hotspot – Nook Restaurant

Focus on simple and fresh local ingredients in West End. Italian Cuisine on Denman

Nook Restaurant

Food Persuasion Level [rating=3]
Value Service [rating=3]
Price: $$
Cuisine: Italian
Location: Downtown Vancouver
Nook Restaurant Menu

From the team that brought us the recently closed and long-time downtown community hot spot Tapastree brings us Nook, a neighborhood gem that focuses on fresh local products and simplicity. Nook, a cozy restaurant is quickly gaining a rep for being a new local hotspot known for their simple and affordable menu. They have a short and simple menu and wine list so don’t come in expecting a culinary smorgasboard, like truffle infused, red wine reduced…

I had the orecchiette pasta $17 with Italian sausage, fennel, rapini and chilies. A simple but well done dish, the pasta was cooked andante, the way I like it. My friend had the spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, tomato based sauce with beef. Both dishes could have used a little less salt but, the pasta was not swimming in a pool of oil as seen at many other Italian restaurants. I give them extra points for their noticeable effort in the quality of the ingredients.

Orecchiette Pasta - Nook Restaurant

As compared to the growing list of Italian restaurants popping up through Downtown Vancouver, Italian KitchenTrattoria Kitchen,   Cibo Trattoria  Restaurant is comparable, not only in the quality of the food but, also the value.  The pasta dishes at Nook range at $14 -$17 versus Italian Kitchen at $16-$18.

Bolognese Pasta- Nook Restaurant

The one thing that sets Nook apart when compared with the other schmoozey Italian restaurants downtown Vancouver,  is the neighborhood restaurant vibe, lacking of pretense, lambo’s valet in front or conversations on their next million dollar venture. I truly believe it is the patrons that create the atmosphere and here people were laid back and generally friendly.

Tip: As an up and coming local hotspot this place gets packed fast. I went on a Thursday at 6pm and a half an hour later there was already a 20min lineup.

Yet to try their pizza’s but, have heard rave reviews, so if anyone has tried it, let me know what you thought.

781 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-4554


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