Ki Modern Japanese & Bar

**updated: closed** July 25, 2013
Upscale and modern Japanese Tapas Bar at the Shangri-la. The space is very spacious and modern, reminds me of Tao in New York. Definitely would not mind lounging here for a couple of hours. On a Wednesday night this place was pretty empty.

Now the food…

Keep in mind it is a tapas bar so the dishes are fairly smaller and meant to be shared. Dishes range from $12 – 23 per dish.

Toro Tower, it was nicely seared but, maybe we were just too used to toro sushimi. I don’t think I have ever eaten any toro that was as fatty as this. My friend’s piece was 80% fat. 3/5

Toro tower

Kiwi Tuna Rolls, you could barely taste the mango sauce but, it was decent. Nothing out of the ordinary. As one of the more creative rolls being offered this was barely mundane.  3/5

kiwi tuna roll
kiwi tuna roll

Sake Porkbelly with Ponzu Chilli Sauce. Porkbelly is THE ingredient of the season. To be fair we had high expectations.  This was a major let down. The meat was ridiculously overcooked to the point that my jaws began to ache.

The meat was stringy. Out of the 6 pieces of porkbelly only one was not overcooked. Aside from the doneness the flavour of the dish was good, so I’m throwing in an extra 1/2 point 1.5/5

sake porkbelly with ponzu chilli sauce
sake porkbelly with ponzu chilli sauce

Rock shrimp with wasabi mayo, we agreed this is far better than the regular shrimp tempura. We debated for a while whether it is better than KFC popcorn chicken – now that is good! 3.5/5

Rock shrimp with wasabi mayo
Rock shrimp with wasabi mayo

Black Cod, the fish had a chewy texture. The sauce on the other had been what saved it. The mango sauce, I could drink that 3.5/5

black cod

Creme brûlée lemongrass and chamomile infused and sugar cookies, well I liked the sugar cookie. Yet AGAIN! Another dish that was overdone. The texture was lumpy, which meant the eggs and the cream began to cook. 2/5
creme brûlée lemongrass and chamomile
There is one plus the service was impeccable. My friend went out to feed the parking meter. He was attentive, informative and always kept our table cleaned and refolded napkins when needed.
We were so disappointed with our meal we went across the street to a bustling Coast Restaurant and drowned our sorrows away with some fine wine and oysters.
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