Black and Blue – Trendy Steakhouse

Glowbal Group Black and Blue

Black and Blue, another Glowbal addition to Alberni’s entertainment corridor receives a successful start.  The decor and atmosphere reminds me of Tao in New York, dark, posh and full of pretty people.

Trying to compete with high-end steakhouses such as Gotham and Hy’s, Black and Blue just misses the mark.


Short rib poppers -$12, potatoes, cheddar cheese, horseradish.  If you expected short ribs as the featured ingredient, you will be sorely disappointed, reminded me of bar food. 2/5

short rib poppers

Pan seared foie gras -$19, I love foie gras the tartness from the apricots gave an otherwise heavy dish a refreshing twist. 3.5/5
pan seared foie gras

Steak tartare with quail egg and blue cheese crustini -$16, the grade of the steak was superb but, it was submerged in oil. The blue cheese was so overpowering, I couldn’t taste any other flavours. 2/5
steak tartare


Beef wellington, with mushrooms foie gras and red win jus -$31. Quality of the meat once again was excellent. The pastry was flaky and the steak cooked perfectly.  4/5
beef wellington

Berkshire pork chops -$31, a simple dish that was executed perfectly. Pan seared with s&P, the meat was moist and tender. 3.5/5
berkshire pork chops


Chocolate soufflé was amazing!! This warm gooey chocolate concoction is guaranteed to make you go back. Drizzled with either vanilla our chocolate sauce, we had both. I can’t stop raving about it.

chocolate souffle

Undecided whether we would come back for the entrees, definitely, for the dessert and drinks. They had a few table side options like the crepe and the banana pudding. If there is one thing I know, where Glowbal excels, is the pretentious and trendy. So if you are searching for the next resto  to prowl in your Christian Louboutins and Prada suits, we’ve found your new fave hotspot.

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Underwhelming Piece of Cow – Gotham’s Steakhouse and Bar

Fine Dining Steakhouse Downtown Vancouver. Setting the standard of steakhouses in Vancouver.

As a recognized fine dining steakhouse in Vancouver, this was the  foremost crowning underwhelming experience I had the displeasure of sitting through. Sure the prices start at $50 for just the steak but, it does not imply the steak is gastronomic


masterpiece, in fact it was a boring, un-flavourful chewy piece of cow. The Filet Mignon and Lobster combo at $52, was a disappointment, I could have went to any other casual restaurants including Fah’Cactus and received a much better value for their filet, it could not be more than $30.


Gotham’s Prime Rib – $40, very comparable to Sandbar’s prime rib, which comes in a 3 course meal for $30!? How can I compare such a quality piece of meat to that from a casual restaurant? Well, the quality they keep on selling did not exist

The sides range from a heaping side of Mash Potatoes for $5.50 to Spiced Sautéed Mushrooms for $7.50

Perhaps their promising recommendation of their Crème Brûlée will save this dinner but, sadly not only did it not deliver but, the rather uniquely lumpy texture, reminded me of tapioca and oatmeal, with the odd chunks of raw sugar.


As for the service and atmosphere, it was great if you want a place to hold your business meetings, or a place to relax with drinks. Unfortunately for Gotham’s Steakhouse, it is not enough for me to recommend it to my readers.

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