October Cool Finds

I love the beginning of fall when leaves turn golden and the air is getting nippy enough to indulge in luxurious oversized sweaters. Of course, tis the season to go pumpkin crazy, can’t live without my pumpkin spice misto (thanks Chris @chrisyeeeh for the idea) and recently just shelved pumpkin butter at William Sonoma.

Fall Cool Finds and Events in Vancouver

1st pumpkin sighting I’’ve become one of those annoying people who document every small find that makes me happy with a picture and, thinks the world would love it as much as I do.

Spotted at Robson and Homer, Starbucks. With a Pumpkin spice misto in one hand, just the way I like it… not too sweet and more caffeine. Try it, Misto coffee or Americano with a shot of pumpkin spice. Our office grinder broke, so we also purchased Starbuck’s Thanksgiving grounds, which is bold, round, with hint of herbs.

Spotted: Milano Coffee, at Denman. Depresso: n. The feeling you get when you run out of coffee. Yea…I can definitely relate, except I’m a little b* when I don’t have my morning coffee.


Nero Belgian Waffle Bar: Enjoy their gigantic Belgian waffles while seated on their patio on a sunny day. You know what I also love, the freedom to enjoy this at 2PM on a weekday, while everyone else is at work!

nero belgian waffle
Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Urbanspoon

It’s back…..I’m pumpkin crazy. Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter available at William Sonoma. Right you can blend this with everything. It’s not a peanut butter texture, pumpkin is already creamy to begin with so quite light and our favourite spices that remind us of fall. Cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar mmm…good.

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Edible Canada – Seasonal and Local Ingredients

Granville Island is one of my favourite neighborhoods in Vancouver. There is so much culture, travelers and of course fresh and local produce.

I can’t believe I haven’t written about Edible Canada, I’ve been there so many times! This may be slightly overdue but, I promise it will be good.

They have a little gourmet snack and spread section at the back of the store carrying an array of delicious candies, spreads and, more sweets. The layout reminds me of Manzo at Eately in New York

The patio wraps around from the front to the side. As much as I love patio’s be wary of sitting close to the flower beds during bug season. There was a huge clusters of flies, not so appetizing. I always ask for a table inside. I’ll tell you about the horrific bug experience at Minami’s patio another time. I must warn you, it was so disturbingly graphic that I downed two shots of vodka to make me forget and that is saying something, I’m not usually a shots kinda girl. No really, not lying, I can hear you skeptics.

Edible Canada features a mix of local seasonal produce and seafood.

I just love it when I snap pics and you catch people discreetly checking each other out. In her case she had bug eyes and a smirk, not so discreet. I wonder if she got the guy?

Started with Togarashi Rice cracker crusted wild albacore tuna, warm fingerling potatoes, peas, kale, wild mushrooms $15. This was refreshingly pleasant on the palette. The dish was simply flavored, which allowed the quality of the ingredients to come through. 4/5

Togarashi Rice cracker crusted wild albacore tuna
Togarashi Rice cracker crusted wild albacore tuna

Sloping Hills Pork Duo, Slik spice crusted grilled 8oz pork chop, braised pork belly, hot & sour vinaigrette $24. A huge dish, the braised pork belly was so tender and flavourful. The grilled pork chop was a little over cooked making the meat a chewy. 3.5/5

Sloping Hills Pork Duo
Sloping Hills Pork Duo

PEACE COUNTRY BRAISED LAMB PASTA, rigatoni, wild mushrooms, peas, sorrel. $22 Lamb pasta was yummy, our favourite dish of our meal. 4.5/5



KASU & BIRCH SYRUP SABLEFISH, fava beans, asparagus, peas, northern beans, Swiss chard $26. Sable fish was silky smooth. I would definitely re-order this dish 4/5


LOIS LAKE STEELHEAD SALMON local Dungeness Crab croquette, wild salmon caviar, smoked tomato vinaigrette. We ordered this because they had crab croquettes. Apparently, it was very delicious I didn’t even get a chance to try it. I did try the salmon, which was very fresh 3.5/5


I’ve been back a few times already and the food has been fairly consistent. The service was a slow, it took 10 minutes to get our water refills.

Edible Canada at the Market on Urbanspoon