Voodoo Doughnuts – Worth the 15 mins lineup?

Food Persuasion Rating: 2/5
Cuisine: Bakery
Location: Portland OR, Old Chinatown
store front

It was a scorcher day and waiting outside in a lineup for 15 minutes for a doughnut was excruciating. By the time it was our turn to order our expectations were through the roof.

menu board

They definitely had some very interesting combinations, maple & bacon, their most popular. Which was basically, a maple doughnut with 2 pieces of bacon on top. Oreo doughnut, powdered raspberry and lemon. The doughnut was overly sweet and the portions were pretty big for $1.95/ doughnut.

They even sell a mini coffin full of doughnuts for $100. Not recommended, it that will definitely give you diabetes.

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