The Patio Lake Breeze Bistro

The Patio Lake Breeze Bistro is located in Naramata Bench. It came highly recommended by locals and tourist.

From the patio you aren’t able to see the gorgeous view but it is a must see.

It’s casual and the prices are affordable, more importantly the food is fresh, simple and delicious.

Burger was juicy and thick. Balsamic and pickled veggies cut through the richness, very nice balance.


Pork sirloin had a nice crunchy char on the outside and the meat was juicy and tender on the inside. Topped with pear and balsamuc compote. With a side of wild rice and sautéed leafy greens. We paired that with one of their fuller wines, Meritage. Continue reading “The Patio Lake Breeze Bistro”

The #PopUpPatio at The Westin Grand is Back for Another Summer

Westin Grand Pop Up Patio 3

Above the bustling intersection of Homer and Robson is the sun-drenched poolside terrace of The Westin Grand, Vancouver. Once again this space has been transformed into the #PopUpPatio, a bustling rooftop patio lounge open Thursday and Friday evenings. Guests can unwind and refresh after a hard day of work in this relaxed atmosphere with soft seating, green gardens and live DJ music. Continue reading “The #PopUpPatio at The Westin Grand is Back for Another Summer”

Reflections – Chic Rooftop Patio Lounge

Reflections is a chic rooftop patio at Hotel Georgia, it is definitely one of the nicer rooftop patios in Vancouver.

Reflection rooftop lounge, patio

The time I went it was packed with the work crowd sneaking off early to start their weekend binge. I went around 3PM on Friday and, by 4PM it was packed.

Don’t let the picture fool you, I snapped it when I arrived and this is only half of the patio, the other half is uncovered.

Didn’t get to try the food but, the drinks were good. Standard sky-high hotel cocktail prices $12. This particular drink is the Hotel Georgia, Plymouth Gin, Lemon Juice, Orgeat Syrup, Orange Blossom Water, Egg White, Nutmeg. I just came from the gym and one drink was all I could enjoy otherwise I’d fall out of my seat.

Hotel Georgia Wine Lounge

Atmosphere is relaxing, almost like I’m on a Vegas vacation sipping cocktails under the sun. Also like Vegas, it is a meat market. The girls are hot and there are plenty of men.

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The Greatest Summer Patio Roundup

A Must Patio List For This Summer in Vancouver.

What I love about Summer? Patio and beach hopping while sipping on my favourite summer drinks, mojito’s and sangria’s. To help you get into the swing of patio season, I’ve come up with a list of my favourite patio’s in Vancouver. They are my faves because of their fun vibe, view and of course the patio itself.

I love Kits in the Summer. Every time I am in Kits on a sunny day I wished I still live here. The vibe is so fun and vibrant.

Local Public Eatery patio, situated right across Kitsilano beach is a popular place for sun worshipers and locals. It’s fun and I believe they still have sangria’ specials.

Local Kitsilano Patio

Another Ktisilano patio is right on the beach, The Boathouse.

The boathouse patio kitsilano beach

Speaking of beaches, Cactus Club English Bay is very popular for beach go-ers for a quick bite. Although, I would rather just sit in the sand.

Cactus Club English Bay Patio

Patio’s in Granville Island will give you an undisturbed view of Vancouver’s harbor. A very popular tourist destination.


Dockside Granville Island Patio


Bridges Restaurant Granville Island Patio

Chill Winston, is still one of my go to patio’s. The vibe is fun and the patio is street level and, people watching is one of my favourite pastimes. The largest patio in Gastown

Chill Winston Patio Gastown
vancouver bars

The Keefer with a pool in the middle of the rooftop lounge

The keefer rooftop patio

The Keg in Yaletown rooftop patio and lounge is chic and full of Yaletown yuppies.

The Keg Yaletown Rooftop Patio
vitamin daily

Another restaurant for good seafood and has a gorgeous rooftop garden patio is Joe Fortes

Joe fortes rooftop garden patio
joe fortes

Hidden patio at Gotham’s Steakhouse

Gotham's Steakhouse Garden Patio

Reflections rooftop lounge patio on the 4th floor of Hotel Georgia is one of the more swank patio’s downtown. Reminds me of Las Vegas, you can check out my review.  Reflections has corporate atmosphere that turns into a meat market for brokers later in the evening. Quickly becoming a hotspot

Reflections Rooftop Lounge Patio
Food Persuasion

Market Shangri-La rooftop patio is another swank patio although not as big as Reflections.

Market Shangri -La Vancouver Rooftop Patio

Havana’s on Commercial drive has such a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Havana's Patio Commercial Drive

The Mill, situated on the Coal Harbour’s seawall is a very popular spot for tourists and locals. The only negative, I found was their limited drink menu . How can you not have mojito’s or sangria’s if you have a patio??? Although the vibe and view compensates their lack of drink selections.

The Mill Patio - Coal Harbour Seawall

Mahoney and Sons Coal Harbour has undisturbed and expansive views of the harbor. It is an irish bar, popular amongst tourists and the after work crowd. Check out my review of Mahoney and Sons.

Mahoney and Sons Patio Vancouver
Food Persuasion

Thierry not because it’s the nicest patio but because they serve dessert. As far as dessert places goes, Theirry has the nicest patio. Check out my review of Thierry

Theirry Vancouver Patio

Beachside Forno, in North Vancouver. Overlooking the harbour.

Beachside Forno patio

Finally, Art Gallery garden patio

Vancouver Art Gallery Garden Patio

I know there are many others, if you have any other patio’s you want to suggest add it in the comment section and I will include it in this post.

Mahony and Sons- Irish Bar with the Best Patio in Van

Patio season is coming to an end before it does it is absolutely crucial to visit Mahoney and Sons. Their large wrap around patio is at the convention centre and has undisturbed views of coal harbor marina. It is has been my favorite patio spot in Vancouver this summer.

Mahoney Patio
Mahoney Patio

Now the Food..

All the burgers and sandwiches comes with a choice of fries or salad.

Mushroom burger with truffle and aioli, was scrumptious, I am not huge a fan of burgers but, shucks! Add truffle and aioli and, its mouth watering. 4/5

Veggie Sandwich– the ciabatta bread was warm and crunch. The roasted veggie was nicely grilled and fresh.  3.5 /5

Grilled Veggie Sandwich
Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Salmon Burger– This is my favourite. The portion of the salmon was very decent, it was nice and fresh. There was no need to hide the fish in sauce like some other restaurants, when the quality fo the fish is sub-par. This was perfect.  4/5

Salmon Burger
Salmon Burger

Irish burger and Gamin bacon – A juicy burger, made with fresh ingredients. If you want a regular meaty burger, this is it.

Irish Burger
Irish Burger

Mango Coconut Sundae, with pineapples and gingered pecans. The coconut flavor was very the mango was too strong.  I could much on the gingered pecans and I’ll be set, they were delicious.

Mango Sundae
Mango Sundae

Chocolate sundae, mixed with strawberries, cashew and caramel sauce.

chocolate sundae
chocolate sundae

Irish Rose, reminded me of a strawberry mojito, it is a bit watered down for my taste.

Irish Rose
Irish Rose

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