Granville Island Brewing Infamous IPA

Granville Island Brewing’s newly complete Under the Bridge series celebrates the bitter start and bright finish of Granville Island. From a dark and dangerous industrial centre, to a bustling artsy hub, this series explores the history of where Granville Island Brewing began.

There are 4 brews in Granville Island Brewing’s Under the Bridge Series: Swing Span Amber Ale; clove and banana flavours of Hey Day Hefeweizen; caramel malts in Maple Shack Cream Ale; and the well-hopped and light citrus flavour of Infamous IPA.

The Infamous IPA is a medium-hopped brew with a full malt flavour. It has notes of light fruit aromas and citrusy grapefruit flavours.

Food Pairings: Bitterness compliments spicy, fried flavours like curry.

Alc.Vol: 6%
IBU: 55
Gravity: 13.8

Vancouver Island Brewery Anniversary Imperial Red is Here

Vancouver Island Brewery is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special Imperial Red Ale.

This is a big and bold brew that pours almost black but more of a deep red/bronze when held to the light.  On the nose, it’s slighly hoppy but with a distinct molasses sweetness that you get from a barley wine.  The sweetness comes through on first taste with hints of raisin and caramel.  You can detect the west coast hops in the background but they play more of a supporting role.  The sweetness carries on and subsides somewhat in the finish where it gives way to a slight spruce-like hop.  This is a rich and thick brew weighing in at 8.5% abv…a very unique imperial red that is fun to drink.  Kudos to VIB for their originality and congrats for 30 years of great brews!

Hopworks Cascadian Dark Ale Comes With a Punch

Hopworks Cascadian Dark Ale


From Portland by HUB Hopworks Urban Brewery. Organic brew with 70 IBU. This is your classic Westcoast dark ale. Pours a dark brown hue with a good one finger of head. on the nose you get the Cascadia hops which is immediately followed by a strong malt flavour.

On first taste the hops are balanced with the malts giving it a very nice smooth roundness. The finish is surprising clean given the heavy use of hops. Overall, I would buy it again. Comparable to the Granville Island Cascadian dark ale craft beer.