Bali’s Best BBQ Pork: Babi Guling

Ubud is where you can find amazing authentic Balinese food. The traditional market is located with exotic spices like saffron and hot chili peppers is located in the heart of Ubud.
bali traditional market

A popular authentic Balinese dish is babi guling and, one of the best places to try this dish is at Ibu Oka in Ubud. Their slogan is “warung Babi Guling” which translates to House of BBQ Pork. Babi guling is juicy suckling pig that is roasted on a spit for hours. Ibu Oka is located kiddy corner from the traditional market.

It was the crispiest pork skin and the juiciest pork I’ve ever had. I absolutely recommend anyone that is traveling to Indonesia to try it.

Sayur – vegetables, beans papaya with fresh coconut


Rice, fresh vegetables, pork roll, fried meat, sausage with pork skin – lezat! (Delicious)

pork skin

While sipping on fresh coconut juice

fresh coconut

Yes, it could get a little grotesque if you are not used to it but, I didn’t mind, was in foodie heaven.

babi guling head

More babi guling because it was so good I had to get a second order…

babi guling