I Can’t Believe This is Homemade

Every once in a while I feature home cooked dinners. To qualify, the meal has to be extraordinarily scrumptious. My friend Gio, Michelin star chef in his past life, did just that.

He is big on spice, in fact his spice cupboard takes up 1/3 of his kitchen. Spices are imported directly from around the world in its raw state and then he grinds them up. I saw a jar of saffron, I can’t imagine the investment he has put into his spices. So you can imagine the explosion of flavours in the dishes he creates.

Also big on the quality of the ingredients, from the meats the vegetables and grains. Everything was fresh, no canned or preserved crap in his meals.

This was a homemade dinner that could rival any fine dining restaurant in Vancouver. His passion for cooking really shone through in each dish. He believes meals should be enjoyed together, “filling your stomach and soul“.

Moroccan spiced chicken with marsala wine. You could always try re-creating this dish with this chicken marsala recipe

Quinoa and chickpea salad, with cucumber, tomato, cilantro.

Chicken Marsala and salad

Pepper crusted bison steak with Chimichurri sauce. I am in love with the sauce. Look the picture of the meat on the bottom right, doesn’t that make you salivate?

Bison steak

3 way veal lamb pork meatball with marsala wine sauce, topped with ricotta cheese.

Lamb meatball

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed pepper

The night was finished off with new york style cheesecake.

Always the gracious host, well after he plates. In the kitchen, he is like a mad scientist, brushing off any attempts of assistance and harping at anyone who dares enter the kitchen.