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The Art of Looking Cool While Drinking – Raw Canvas

Gastown bohemian artists meets yaletown yuppies

Raw Canvas
Raw Canvas photo credits:

Food Persuasion Level: [rating=3]
Value :[rating=2]
Service: [rating=4]
Price: $$
Cuisine: Wine Bar
Location: YaletownVancouver
Raw Canvas Restaurant Menu

I love the idea of painting while sipping on wine! Although my “masterpiece” turned out to be so horrendous I felt a little self-conscious walking back home with it. To my credit, considering the few glasses of wine that was consumed I believe you can make out my building in my”semi-abstract version of Vancouver’s cityline” .

The canvas’s range in sizes and prices, the smallest 24 x 18″ at $40, 65 to $105 for the largest. They provide a smock to protect your clothes and you get a plethora of paint colors and brushes to choose from.



Gastown bohemian artists meets yaletown yuppies meets . Peaking underneath their paint smock you see designer dress shirts, it’s in the entertainment center in Yaletown, what do you expect?! Seems to be a hotspot for dates, many couples and first dates. The service was friendly no “what the hell is that?” Although, I got plenty of that from my friends. No worries, unlike some mistakes you can cover it with WHITE PAINT!

Each month they schedule a few local artists to add the eclectic bohemian vibe.


The grilled cheese sandwich $10, it was sub-par, not one of their strengths.  Cheese merchant’s lunch $15 for a combo of 3 meats and or cheeses and 3 condiments, I’ve had better at many other small plates restaurants in Vancouver. Unfortunately, food is an art form they could not master, this is more of a fun and lighthearted post-dinner kind of place. They have quite a list of quality teas and a simple and small list of wines to choose from.

1046 Hamilton St


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