Bel Cafe – Has Maple Bacon Macarons

Just came back from Bel Cafe, part of the Georgia Hotel and Hawksworth Restaurant, I just had the best Maple Bacon Macaron.

I love almost everything bacon, Voeges Chocolate bacon bar, Bella Gellateria’s maple bacon ice cream, Pirate Radio’s maple bacon latte. When I spotted the maple bacon macaron at Bel Cafe I just had to try it.

Maple Bacon Macaron
Maple Bacon Macaron

It was so soft and not at all too sweet. I love it!

Following the macaron, I delved into a White Chocolate and Coconut Cake.

White Chocolate Coconut Cake
White Chocolate Coconut Cake

By now I was sugar high. It was good though.

White Chocolate Coconut Cake
White Chocolate Coconut Cake

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Ganache Patisserie – Yulelog Fest

My last Vancouver Food bloggers meetup of the year was a holiday sugar fest at Ganache Patisserie. Getting our sugar high on with food bloggers Eat with JennyFoodie On the 49th and, Chris from Cooq .


We all shared the Chocolat Amande Croquant, dark chocolate amaretto mouse, griottine cherry gelee, milk chocolate macadamian nut cremeux, caramel crunch , and cute little chocolate financiers.  It was shaped as a cute chocolate train.  6” buche $30

chocolate amande

I just finished a huge cavity inducing but, too good to pass, French toast from Glowbal Restaurant & Lounge. So I was pretty high and just tipping over my sugar intake limit for the day. That being said, my review is a little biased. I thought the cake was too sweet and much too dense.  However, even though I could only finish a ¼ of my cake everyone else polished up their plates. As compared to the Yule log at Giovane, which was lighter and had more texture, this cake lacked the crunch.

chocolate yulelog

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La Petite France – Pears and Chocolate Cake

La Petite France

On a Saturday afternoon we strolled over to La Petitie France. This was one of my go-to cafés back in the day, 2005?

Sachet– raspberry between layers – We really enjoyed this, it was very dense and creamy.


Choco Poire – pears between layers of chocolate cake. This was previously my favourite a few years back but, it had the taste of old refrigerator.
Choco Poire

I was surprised of the limited selection, there was only 6 choices! Anytime there is condensation on the display windows is unappetizing. Overall, my walk down memory lane was a disappointment.
Dessert Counter

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Thierry – Celebrated Chocolatier Opens Bakery Downtown

Celebrated Chocolatier-Pâtissier Thierry Busset, opens a she-she foo-foo pastry shop on Alberni St Downtown. I’ve been complaining there is just not enough bakeries in Downtown. Walking in, I was giddy with sweet goodness. Every product was so deliciously presented.

Thierry Cakes

I expected the prices were going to be steep, especially situated on Alberni and Georgia. The prices were even more expensive than my favorite pastry cafe, Thomas Haas which compares to $5.95 vs here $6.95.

I didn’t get a chance to try out the chocolates but, it is a promise that I will.

Thierry Chocolates

My friend, Gary has tried every Tiramisu in town and rated this a 8.5/10! The high marks is almost unheard of from him.


Raspberry and Blueberry Tart
Raspberry Tart

Blueberry Tart

Citrus Madeleines, were light. I gobbled up the entire bag within a day.
Citrus Madeline

Forgot what these cakes were called but they were rum based. Not my favorite, although it may just be my preference. They sure looked pretty, that and the rum was what sold it.

Chocolate Succé Cake

Image bottom right

Chocolate Succé Cake
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Faubourg Cafe- Decadent Desserts that Titillated All My Sense

Faubourg – Charming French Cafe – Kerrisdale

Faubourg desserts
Faubourg desserts

Food Persuasion Level : [rating=4]
Value: [rating=3]
Service : [rating=3]
Ambiance: [rating=5]
Price: $$
Cuisine: Cafe / Bakery
Location: Kerrisdale, Vancouver

I was persuaded by its charm, fallen head over heels with its good looks and absolutely titillated all my senses.

By what you say?

Faubourg Chef
Faubourg Chef

A charming French café nestled in Kerrisdale, serving one of the finest and decadent desserts I’ve had of yet. Yes, it may be on par or even surpass my fave, the internationally acclaimed Chocolatier, Thomas Haas Café.


The atmosphere was French modern, chic and friendly.  Now the food oooo…my mouth is watering just reminiscing, is scrumptious.

We tried the chocolate croissants, nice, flaky and fresh. It seemed like it just came out of the oven. Our desert lemon tart meringue $5, was to die for. It was tangy made with fresh lemon and not too sweet.

Faubourg lemon tart
Faubourg lemon tart

It was just so light I felt like I could eat these the whole day and not get enough.

Faubourg lemon tart meringue
Faubourg lemon tart meringue

Absolutely recommend the next time you stop on by Kerrisdale. One of my favourite Café’s in Vancouver

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