Vancouver’s Grey Goose Pour Master Challenge Highlights

grey goose pour masters

I was lucky enough to be invited to Grey Goose Pour Masters Competition. 12 handpicked Vancouver bartenders competed for a spot in Grey Goose’s national competition. National winner will then move on to Grey Goose Pour Master’s International Competition.

The competitors had to incorporate distinctively local characteristics into their drinks. Cocktails were judged on inspiration, presentation, appearance, nose and taste.

Vancouver Grey Goose Pour Master Challenge highlights:

Trevor Kailles of the Donnelly Group mixed the Evolution. Very fragrant, with verbena grapefuirt basil.

Winner of the competition, Robyn Gray from Pidgen prepared the Duck Duck Goose. What…hold up yes, that’s egg shells and yes the cherries are fitted with foie gras.

Robyn Gray

duck infused cognac

Cooper Tarvdivel from Hawksworth used Okanagan kirsch infused with cherry wood smoke and rhubarb finished with a cherry bomb ice.

cherry bomb

Grant Scenery from Fairmont Pacific Rim came 3rd with his cocktail that made me think of summer patios. This is by far the best punch I’ve ever had. With home made rooibos soda and grand marnier. I just want to sneak some out to the beach.


Jay Jones of Killjoy created ‘bloodlines’, which was well rounded, made of apricots, beer and misted with sakura flower.

Jay Jones

Evelyn Chick, came second with her Mon Voyage Evelyn Chick

Mon Voyage
Bon voyage

Grey Goose Master Challenge Photo Highlights

Spiced Vodka Cocktail

Cotton Candy Infused Cocktail
cotton candy

Cocoa Butter Cocktail:
cocoa butter

Little Bird Bistro – Mouthwatering French Comfort Food

Little Bird Bistro – Portland Downtown – French Cuisine

Food Persuasion Rating: 4/5
Cuisine Type: French
Location: Portland, OR

Little Bird Bistro
Little Bird Bistro

This restaurant received so much hype, it’s Portland’s hotspot restaurant. We went on a Saturday night, it was a packed house, reservations recommended. The atmosphere was charming and cozy and service was friendly and warm.

Now the Food..

Starting with the charcuterie plate Features changes daily. Pork rillettte and pickled onions, pistachio truffle sausage and potato salad, foie gras brulee and apricot jam, oxtail terrine and onion jam, duck terrine and pickled cherries. The foie gras brulee was amazing! I could eat a soup bowl of it. 4.5/5

charcuterie plate
charcuterie plate

Duck confit, creamed corn, roasted mushroom, very good. It’s a filling and heavy dish so be warned 4/5

duck confit
duck confit

Roasted lamb ribs, grilled cucumber salad herbed yogurt appetizer. Although the portion size was of an entree 3.5/5 for the food but, for the value 4/5.

Roasted Lamb
Roasted Lamb

Smoked trout with almond purée. We were not a fan of the deep fried smoked trout balls. The fish itself was mashed. 2/5

Potato bacon fromage side 4/5. nice smokey flavor. everything was balanced

potato bacon fromage
potato bacon fromage

Roasted short rib, bordelaise, horse radish- sliced once and the whole
thing just fell apart. it was so tender. This was by far our favourite dish throughout our entire trip. 5/5

short ribs
short ribs

Spinach & cream & almond, this was reordered, the first batch had an overload of sodium to the point that it tasted bitter. The second order came out perfectly, it was smooth creamy and all together very good.  3.5/5

spinach and cream and almonds
spinach and cream and almonds

Steak, the flavour was there but the cut of the meat was too chewy.  2/5


Stump grounds coffee, a local Portland coffee brand. It was too watered down. 2/5

Sorbet & ice-cream samplers. this was amazing. i would definitely order this again  4.5/5

sorbet & icecream

Complimentary pistachio madelines, who can complain, this was good.






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