Philips Brewing Area 52 – Octofox


“Rumours swirl about a secret Philips brewing project called Area 52, where renegade hoptomology breeds experimental hoppy beers known only by their call – signs. We deny everything, Octofox does not exist” – Philips Brewery, Victoria BC

Philips Area 52, code name octofox, found only in the Philips hopbox. It starts with a really floral and fruity aroma. The fruit is really distinguishable in the hops. It’s finish is slightly dry and smooth.

Electric Unicorn by Philips is a Beast

“Electric Unicorn is a hop – infused white ale. Best enjoyed while riding a mystical mono-horned  laser beast, racing through the galaxy to sonic backdrop of screaming metal guitars. Time to ditch reality and take this India Pale Ale fairy tale for a ride.” – Philips Brewery,  Victoria BC

Electric Unicorn - Philips
Electric Unicorn – Philips

Refreshing craft brew with a nice balance of hops. Pours hazy copper with good carbonation. You get that nice strong citrus grapefruit slightly floral. All nicely rounded by a back bone of malts. Finishes surprisingly clean and refreshing. The ultimate patio drink.

Steamworks and Brassneck Team Together For A Special Porter


This smokey porter is a collaboration between Steamworks and Brassneck.

Pours thick dark brown, almost molasses like. This rich smokey porter has notes of chocolate, espresso and charred wood. The heavy smokey profile is well balanced with the chocolate and crystal malts that just grabs and envelopes you. It makes me wanna go to brassneck later.

Vancouver Island Brewery Anniversary Imperial Red is Here

Vancouver Island Brewery is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special Imperial Red Ale.

This is a big and bold brew that pours almost black but more of a deep red/bronze when held to the light.  On the nose, it’s slighly hoppy but with a distinct molasses sweetness that you get from a barley wine.  The sweetness comes through on first taste with hints of raisin and caramel.  You can detect the west coast hops in the background but they play more of a supporting role.  The sweetness carries on and subsides somewhat in the finish where it gives way to a slight spruce-like hop.  This is a rich and thick brew weighing in at 8.5% abv…a very unique imperial red that is fun to drink.  Kudos to VIB for their originality and congrats for 30 years of great brews!

Hopworks Cascadian Dark Ale Comes With a Punch

Hopworks Cascadian Dark Ale


From Portland by HUB Hopworks Urban Brewery. Organic brew with 70 IBU. This is your classic Westcoast dark ale. Pours a dark brown hue with a good one finger of head. on the nose you get the Cascadia hops which is immediately followed by a strong malt flavour.

On first taste the hops are balanced with the malts giving it a very nice smooth roundness. The finish is surprising clean given the heavy use of hops. Overall, I would buy it again. Comparable to the Granville Island Cascadian dark ale craft beer.