Heritage Asian Eatery Asian-Inspired Brunch

Heritage Asian Eatery will be serving up an Asian-inspired brunch menu from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Heritage’s weekend brunch service will include a number of exciting new menu additions from Zhou, such as Peking Duck, Pork Belly and Shiitake Mushroom Benny Bowls (two poached eggs served with yuzu hollandaise, potato rösti and side salad), Green Onion Pancake with duck, shiitake or “the works” (three poached eggs, potato rösti, duck and pork belly), Congee with a choice of poached oyster, pork belly or char siu, along with sweet treats like Lemongrass Ginger-Infused Coconut Pudding and Golden Mantou with Matcha Condensed Milk. Continue reading “Heritage Asian Eatery Asian-Inspired Brunch”

Calabash Serves a Boozey Brunch

The Calabash is starting a brunch service and we got to try a 3 course menu paired with cocktails. This is a cool joint that makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean. The Iive music made for a very fun and vibrant room.

We started off with a yogurt lassi with rosewater, mint and a sprinkle of pistachio. It was really refreshing and light. There was also a starter of  fritters that were dense and moist. They were served with mango and guava butters. A very decadent start!

Escovitch Fish – The snapper was tangy and meaty and was cooked perfectly. The fried plantain was sweet and savoury…I could’ve eaten a whole plate of it! The mimosa was nicely balanced and was a nice refreshing start.

Oxtail stew – The ox is spiced and roasted and then braised. It was really moist with a good amount of heat. This is what I was waiting for! The dish worked well by breaking the yolk and mixing everything together. The dish was paired with a Dark & Stormy. What can I say..one of my all time favourites, but this one was pretty epic. It was topped with fresh coconut shavings and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I’ll return just for this drink!

Salara French toast – the in-house baked bread is a traditional Guyanese bread with a coconut filling. It was nice and crispy on outside and moist on the inside. The banana cream and mango syrup were not too sweet and really worked well with the toast. The dish was served with the Coconut Jumby.
Rum shaken with coconut water, muddled lemongrass, mint and finished with lime zest and coconut shavings..what more is there to say other than well done Calabash!

Earls Showcases their New Brunch Menu

Earls Brunch – Chef’s Table

Earls has decided to join the brunch crowd and has put out a new menu to cater to the growing demand for weekend brunch. Chef Braden Matthews served up 4 courses from this menu.

We kicked things off with their Signature Caesar served with a beef jerky stick and pickle wedge. The use of both red and green tabasco along with horseradish gave it a nice kick but it wasn’t too spicy overall. We definitely enjoyed the early morning drink!

The first course was the granola and yogurt parfait. It had a nice medley of oats and nuts which was made in house. It was topped with a tangy greek yogurt parfait which appeared to be slightly whipped and made it slightly lighter. It was also served with a side of agave syrup which worked well as people tend to have their own preference for sweetness. It was nice to have the granola on the crumbly side without a lot of syrup or sugar. It made for a lighter dish but overall it was still pretty hearty given the ingredients. I know many people don’t order granola for breakfast but this one is worth a try.

Earls granola parfait

The second dish was eggs benny with Virginia ham on top of grilled sourdough. The eggs were soft poached and nice and runny. The hollandaise was noticeably lighter than almost all other sauces around town and was quite runny. I think many people order hollandaise on the side but this one worked well the way it was served. We also picked up hints of lemon which added a nice freshness to it. The grilled sourdough had a nice crunch to it but it also had a noticeable sour finish and almost overpowered the rest of the dish. There was also a side of smashed potatoes which had a very nice crunch to it. They were tossed in a confit of garlic butter with rosemary and thyme. We were pretty full from all the food but could’ve easily eaten a whole plate of it!

The third course was eggs Florentine with parmesan cream sauce, spinach and mushrooms. The eggs were cooked in a skillet and served over a creamy polenta. The dish sounds heavy but it was surprisingly light. The spinach and mushrooms didn’t play a big role in this dish though. A few more grilled mushrooms would’ve added more character and depth to this dish. We would’ve also liked a tad more seasoning. There was also a side of grilled sourdough toasts which were lightly buttered. These worked well with soaking up the creamy polenta and eggs.

Earls - mushroom florentine

Last but definitely not least was the sourdough French toast…yes, more sourdough. This was a thick cut toast as you would expect but more so than other places that serve a similar dish. The bread was light and fluffy which again made for a lighter dish overall. The outside of the toast was nicely battered and crisp when served. The dollops of chantilly cream and a light drizzle of a salted caramel sauce complemented the dish overall. Again, as in the eggs benny dish though, we found the sourdough overpowering.

french toast - earls

Brunch food is hard to make healthy or light but I think there was a conscious effort to do so in this case which is commendable. The use of sourdough in the dishes worked well in some cases but overall we found the taste overpowering even though we are naturally big fans of the bread itself. It’s good to see more choices for brunch in Vancouver and hopefully we will be seeing more from Earls as it joins the brunch crowd!

Guest Blogger: Simon Wong, who is still pissed off because I called him a co-eater in one of my previous posts. Soo prissy. Thank you for your post.

Tasty N Alder – Brunch Review

Tasty n Alder is a local favorite, with a focus on local ingredients. Expect line-ups, we went there for brunch the day after the city was shut-down by a snow storm so the menu was limited due to the lack of delivery.

Sicilian Hash​​ with braised pancetta, arrabiata & over easy egg . Overall this was a decent dish, the hash and vegetables were still crispy. After a while this dish became way too salty.

hash- tasty n adler
hash- tasty n adler

Poached apple, bacon and cheese, salty, tangy, smoky and sweet, it was decent but, I would not order this again, it was too run of the mill and expensive for half an apple at $6.

apple cheese bacon - tasty n alderadler
apple cheese bacon – tasty n adler

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Buckstop – Rustic Brunch In Vancouver’s West End


Buckstop is a casual little rustic bar and restaurant in the West End that specializes in BBQ meats. A tiny restaurant with dark rust colored walls and long wooden tables.

We headed to Buckstop for brunch. Brunch prices are one of the cheapest that I have seen in town, let alone downtown. You can get a classic breakfast for $6 and ranged to $12 their most expensive brunch item, smoked brisket breakfast sandwich.

She sat us down handed us our menus and left. We ordered the vegetarian cheese scramble fresh tomato, avocado, cheddar with a side of hash and toast. I changed it up and requested for egg whites only.

Vegetarian Omlette
Vegetarian Omelet

Everything including the chipotle ketchup and chutney was made inhouse. A simple dish with simple flavours but, very fresh. The eggs were not over scrambled and the inhouse made ketchup went amazingly well with the lightly seasoned hash, giving it a nice kick.

Cornbread Waffle & Pulled Pork Sliders $9, whisky maple syrup (alcoholic in me was dancing), whip cream and candied bacon. Now if you don’t have a sweet tooth then I would advise you to order something else. This was diabetically sweet and heavy. The waffle was soggy and swimming by the time it arrived to our table, I suggest you order the maple syrup on the side. The pulled pork itself was delicious, nice smoke and a bit of crunch.

Now my biggest pet peeve. When this happens your dining experience would go from gastronomically stunning to train wreck within seconds. I absolutely abhor it when they fail to disclose additional costs to dishes when I order. I feel like I’ve been swindled.

Never assume people know that there are additional costs to substituting any part of their dish. What pissed me off even more was her attitude and response to when I questioned why my omelet was $3 more, that’s a 43% price hike. She gave me a look like I was stupid and snarled, well it always is. WTF?! How was I supposed to know that? This is my first time here and after my experience it would be my only time here.



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Thyme To Indulge Bistro – Whimsical and Delicious

Thyme to Indulge Bistro is so whimsical like stepping into an old school Parisian patisserie. They are also a catering company and restaurant hours are open from Wednesday – Sunday. Weekends are reserved for their brunch only.

thyme to indulge bistro
thyme to indulge bistro

We sat near the window on a sunny Sunday watching hipsters walk by with their JJ Bean coffee and donuts, while indulging on Thyme to Indulge wild berry pancake bombsButter milk pancake spheres filed with wild berry compote topped with confection sugar with a side of warm maple syrup. Yeh. Yeh. I was in pancake heaven.

stuffed pancake - Thyme to Indulge
stuffed pancake – Thyme to Indulge

The only down side was that this took quite a while for it to come out, approximately 20 minutes wait after we ordered. Our server came over and apologized twice.

I was eyeing the benny’s on the table beside us, they looked hearty. I will definitely be back for that.

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Grain Tasting Bar Launches Their Brunch Menu

grain tasting bar - hyatt hotel

I am always looking for good places for brunch. Grain Tasting Bar, a newly renovated lounge, inside the Hyatt Hotel, just launched their brunch menu. Any restaurant where I can enjoy a great benny and a cup of coffee on a nice patio, downtown is going to be on my Go-To Brunch list.

Now the grub

They serve a range of Benedict’s on their menu, Oyama, Dungeness crab, prime rib, grilled chicken and smoked tomato bruschetta, tomatoes are from Chef Thomas Heinrich’s favourite local farm G.B.E farms.

I chose the Oyama Benedict, I was drawn in by the red wine prosciutto, any excuse to get away with having a little bit of vino in the morning.  Yes, it is THAT Oyama, they have been popping up on menus all over town. Aside from Two River Meats, this is one of my favourite cured meats places.  Perfectly poached eggs wrapped with red wine prosciutto, on a bed of Oyama Pamplona chorizo and arugula with a side of potatoes. Suffice to say, with the indulgent hollandaise sauce, this is a very rich dish, the saltiness from the cured meats cut through the richness a bit. I recommend  a cup of black coffee to help you digest this one.

Oyama Benedict
Oyama Benedict

I was told it is Hyatt Hotel standards to only use free range eggs and real cured meats.

Know Your Bacon

Commercially available bacon you see at supermarkets contains harmful nitrates, which have been linked with cancer, according to a study done in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Sodium ascorbate or erythorbate are added to accelerate the curing and stabilize colour.

I checked out what Oyama had to say about nitrates from their website:

“A word about nitrites…

Oyama products which are not part of our Green Label line may contain sodium nitrite as part of the traditional curing process. However, the amounts contained are typically less than you would find in many green-leafed organic vegetables!”

Next up we ordered the Prime Rib Benedict with blue cheese, pickled onions and horseradish. We really enjoyed the thicker piece of prime rib, typically it is shaved. The rib was not overly rich and was nicely cooked and seasoned. The pickled onions would have been a nice touch to cut through the richness of the benny but, they forgot it L and I didn’t notice it till after the fact.

prime rib benedict
prime rib benedict

I would definitely be back, I love the casual and modern environment. I could sit here for hours…well I did. My favourite of the two was the Oyama Benedict, it’s so indulgent that I could only finish one of my benedicts.

Check out some of their daily specials.

grain tasting bar daily specials
grain tasting bar daily specials

I had their $6 vanilla sky and $6 oyama sausage

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