Edible Canada – Seasonal and Local Ingredients

Granville Island is one of my favourite neighborhoods in Vancouver. There is so much culture, travelers and of course fresh and local produce.

I can’t believe I haven’t written about Edible Canada, I’ve been there so many times! This may be slightly overdue but, I promise it will be good.

They have a little gourmet snack and spread section at the back of the store carrying an array of delicious candies, spreads and, more sweets. The layout reminds me of Manzo at Eately in New York

The patio wraps around from the front to the side. As much as I love patio’s be wary of sitting close to the flower beds during bug season. There was a huge clusters of flies, not so appetizing. I always ask for a table inside. I’ll tell you about the horrific bug experience at Minami’s patio another time. I must warn you, it was so disturbingly graphic that I downed two shots of vodka to make me forget and that is saying something, I’m not usually a shots kinda girl. No really, not lying, I can hear you skeptics.

Edible Canada features a mix of local seasonal produce and seafood.

I just love it when I snap pics and you catch people discreetly checking each other out. In her case she had bug eyes and a smirk, not so discreet. I wonder if she got the guy?

Started with Togarashi Rice cracker crusted wild albacore tuna, warm fingerling potatoes, peas, kale, wild mushrooms $15. This was refreshingly pleasant on the palette. The dish was simply flavored, which allowed the quality of the ingredients to come through. 4/5

Togarashi Rice cracker crusted wild albacore tuna
Togarashi Rice cracker crusted wild albacore tuna

Sloping Hills Pork Duo, Slik spice crusted grilled 8oz pork chop, braised pork belly, hot & sour vinaigrette $24. A huge dish, the braised pork belly was so tender and flavourful. The grilled pork chop was a little over cooked making the meat a chewy. 3.5/5

Sloping Hills Pork Duo
Sloping Hills Pork Duo

PEACE COUNTRY BRAISED LAMB PASTA, rigatoni, wild mushrooms, peas, sorrel. $22 Lamb pasta was yummy, our favourite dish of our meal. 4.5/5



KASU & BIRCH SYRUP SABLEFISH, fava beans, asparagus, peas, northern beans, Swiss chard $26. Sable fish was silky smooth. I would definitely re-order this dish 4/5


LOIS LAKE STEELHEAD SALMON local Dungeness Crab croquette, wild salmon caviar, smoked tomato vinaigrette. We ordered this because they had crab croquettes. Apparently, it was very delicious I didn’t even get a chance to try it. I did try the salmon, which was very fresh 3.5/5


I’ve been back a few times already and the food has been fairly consistent. The service was a slow, it took 10 minutes to get our water refills.

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Fable Kitchen – Top Chef Canada Runner Up Trevor Bird


Canned Tuna – preserved lemon, salt canned in-house  Fable Kitchen’s server rightly described it as “The best canned tuna you’ll ever eat” and, she’s right. It was bit on the heavier side but, the flavours were creative blended well together.

Canned Tuna

Chickpea fritters, pickled red onion, shoots, curry mayo. This was good but not the highlight 3/5

Spaghetti and meatball, Duck meat ball, tagliatelle, mushroom sauce in the middle. 5/5. I rarely give 5 ‘s but, this dish deserved it. I understand why they made this an appie instead of an entrée, it is very heavy. My friend remarked, if he could dunk his head in this  it’ll be the best thing EVER.

Spaghetti and meatball


Duck Breast, scallion pierogi, fiddle heads, cauliflower. 4.5/5


Steak, an asian inspired sauce, ginger, black bean, soy sauce. 4/5

Potato Crusted Chicken and ratatouille. The crust had an interesting texture, reminded me of potato hasbrowns from McDonald’s. It’s not a bad thing just different. Chicken itself was tender. 4/5

potato wrapped chicken

Featured Entrée Slow cooked local salmon with Gnocchi, kale, leeks, spinach puree. The gnocchi was doughy and dense. The salmon was good, the dish other aside from the gnocchi was executed nicely. 3/5

Slow cooked local salmon


Lemon Pot de Crème, lemon granita, gin foam. Holy cow this was soooo good. A nice refreshing end to our heavy meal. 4.5/5

Fable Lemon de pot cream

Peach Melba, sable. Sable which I apologize to my highschool French teacher translates to shortbread. Of course!! 2.5/5
Peach Melba

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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt – My New Obsession

I’ve recently became obsessed with Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt on Cambie,  a self-serve frozen yogurt bar.

Menchies frozen yogurt
Menchies frozen yogurt

First you choose and sample from a selection of yogurt, they do vary by day. The setup reminded me of 7-11’s slurpee machines. Don’t go too crazy on the samples, while I understand that it’s self serve refrain from being greedy, like the cheap skate I saw who collected samples of each flavor for everyone at his table. I don’t even think he purchased anything!! Flavours that day ranged from Strawberry Tart, Coffee, Triple Chocolate, Key Lime Pie, Red Velvet Cake and original.

Yogurt Bar Selection

You move down to choose from a huge selection of toppings, from chocolate, gummy bears, nuts, fruits, mocha, lychee, oreo’s. You name it, they probably have it.

Fruit toppings
Fruit toppings
Candy Candy Candy!!!
Candy Candy Candy!!!

Lastly, you choose the syrup. I decided to forgo this, I had enough candies piled in my cup to give me a sugar high to last me for at least half a day.


They charge by weight. Not sure how Menchie’s compares to others in terms of price ie Qoola and Pink Berry but, you sure do get a lot more variety of toppings. As for the yogurt itself, the quality of the yogurt is a tad bit better at Pink Berry but, it’s also a lot pricier and, you only get 2 toppings. My frozen yogurt cost me $3, how can you not be happy?

Frozen yogurt goodness
Frozen yogurt goodness

Walking out of the store with a cup full of goodness, who wouldn’t be jealous? I kept on getting hungry stare downs. Didn’t care, I was already on a high.

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Culinary Art School – Art Institute of Vancouver

One of the more acclaimed culinary school tucked on Granville. The quality of food is superb. Compared to VCC’s JJ’s Restaurant the price point was a little more expensive.

Service was impeccable and welcoming. It’s kinda endearing when young to be cooks shyly serves you.

Butternut squash with apples, this was delicious mmm…$7
Butternut squash with apples soup

Arugula & beet salad, portion is smaller than usual but, still very refreshing.
Arugula & beet salad

Braised lamb butternut squash risotto and pear. The risotto was a nice switch to the usual cream and loads of butter. $19
Braised lamb butternut squash risotto

I recommend reservations, this place gets packed for lunch.

Related Lunch Specials:

JJ’s Restaurant at Vancouver Community College

Joe Fortes

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Eight 1/2 – Casual Hipster Restaurant

We decided to get out of downtown for a change and explore Mount Pleasant. Eight ½ is quite hidden but, they were bustling for a weeknight almost every table was taken. The atmosphere was casual almost hipster and the food reflected that.

Bacon sliders, the corn gave it a nice sweet flavor all in all it was decent. The patty was a little on the dry side but the sauce was rich. 3/5

eight 1/2 bacon burger sliders

Perogies, are supposed to be a little cirspy and seared on the outside and soft on the inside. This was just soggy and bland

Seafood Bouillabaisse Soup, the soup was flavorful and chalk full of seafood. This could definitely fill you up and more 3.5/5


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12b – Merry Debauchery and Mouthwatering Dishes -100th Post!

**updated: July 25, 2013 – Closed** Chef Todd has closed his underground restaurant, continuing his career above ground


This is my 100th Post!!!

It was a delicious struggle to get this far. Thank you for all my readers and foodies that have supported me so far. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


In a nondescript location situates 12 B an underground restaurant inside a loft. The loft was decorated with eclectic art pieces for sale throughout. Chef Todd most memorable through his cooking and his potty mouth, was brilliant. The dishes were delicious!

dining room-12b
What we loved about the loft instead of a restaurant was that a loft gives a kind of privacy that allows debauchery and wacky behavior that a restaurant will most likely kick you out for.


Get ready this is a whopping 6 course food adventure guaranteed to get your mouth-watering. It was so good I started throwing in f’ bombs to emphasize how great it was. Unfortunately, that was not the only reason I was cursing, by the 4th dish I was getting pretty tipsy turning me into little potty mouth.

Now the food…

Mushroom soup – gorgonzola white wine mushroom soup with Morel and Shinji’s mushrooms . This dish was very rich and an explosion of flavour. The gorgonzola and balsamic were the star ingredients. If I could bathe in this I would. I loved this dish 4.5/5

mushroom soup - 12b

Seared scallops, crispy pork belly and a green bean salad with goat cheese and tomatoes. Each portion had a different flavour. The seared scallops were sweet, pork belly crispy and salty, green bean salad was sour from the balsamic and tomatoes. I loved the concept that each portion touched a different section of our palette and, when combined, was even better. 3.5/5

scallops - 12b

Quail butternut squash puree and according to Chef Todd, “best fucking bacon” on a bed of quinoa. Holy fuck, this was unanimously everyone’s fave dish. The juicy quail, smokiness from the bacon, sweetness from the butternut squash and corn was a perfect combination. Chef Todd, this dish made me fall in love with your restaurant. 5/5
quail - 12b

Usually, I can EAT, but, I’ve been attending so many dinner parties, almost every day for a month, sometimes twice a day that I was dying at this point. I was so full.

Grilled turkey thigh, orange turkey j’us, forbidden rice, fennel orange and pepper threads, an Asian inspired dish. May be because I was so full or that because the quail dish before was so orgasmic, this just didn’t quite make it. Overall, this was a good dish.

turkey - 12b

By now, I’ve turned into a bit of a potty mouth. No worries, Chef Todd was on board this train way before I boarded.

Braised lamb shank, port demi, spicy curry sauce, baby potatoes and brccolini. I have to say I loved the port demi, delicious. The lamb however was bit on the dry side and bland. Compared to the previous dishes this lacked oomph. 3/5
lamb shank - 12b

Have you tried bacon ice cream? If you are a bacon lover like moi, you will probably love it.

Poached pear with ginger, ginseng drizzled with caramel. White chocolate cinnamon Madaline pecans and finally, maple bacon ice cream. Yes, it tasted as good as it sounds. I could have done without the ginseng, which gave the otherwise sweet desert a bitter taste. 3.5/5

pear madaline - 12b

There are a few details before you start making reservations minimum party of 8 and minimum donation of $65. You will have to provide your own booze. It is well worth it, the quality of the dishes and the loft

The Greatest Summer Patio Roundup

A Must Patio List For This Summer in Vancouver.

What I love about Summer? Patio and beach hopping while sipping on my favourite summer drinks, mojito’s and sangria’s. To help you get into the swing of patio season, I’ve come up with a list of my favourite patio’s in Vancouver. They are my faves because of their fun vibe, view and of course the patio itself.

I love Kits in the Summer. Every time I am in Kits on a sunny day I wished I still live here. The vibe is so fun and vibrant.

Local Public Eatery patio, situated right across Kitsilano beach is a popular place for sun worshipers and locals. It’s fun and I believe they still have sangria’ specials.

Local Kitsilano Patio

Another Ktisilano patio is right on the beach, The Boathouse.

The boathouse patio kitsilano beach


Speaking of beaches, Cactus Club English Bay is very popular for beach go-ers for a quick bite. Although, I would rather just sit in the sand.

Cactus Club English Bay Patio

Patio’s in Granville Island will give you an undisturbed view of Vancouver’s harbor. A very popular tourist destination.


Dockside Granville Island Patio


Bridges Restaurant Granville Island Patio

Chill Winston, is still one of my go to patio’s. The vibe is fun and the patio is street level and, people watching is one of my favourite pastimes. The largest patio in Gastown

Chill Winston Patio Gastown
vancouver bars

The Keefer with a pool in the middle of the rooftop lounge

The keefer rooftop patio

The Keg in Yaletown rooftop patio and lounge is chic and full of Yaletown yuppies.

The Keg Yaletown Rooftop Patio
vitamin daily

Another restaurant for good seafood and has a gorgeous rooftop garden patio is Joe Fortes

Joe fortes rooftop garden patio
joe fortes

Hidden patio at Gotham’s Steakhouse

Gotham's Steakhouse Garden Patio

Reflections rooftop lounge patio on the 4th floor of Hotel Georgia is one of the more swank patio’s downtown. Reminds me of Las Vegas, you can check out my review.  Reflections has corporate atmosphere that turns into a meat market for brokers later in the evening. Quickly becoming a hotspot

Reflections Rooftop Lounge Patio
Food Persuasion

Market Shangri-La rooftop patio is another swank patio although not as big as Reflections.

Market Shangri -La Vancouver Rooftop Patio

Havana’s on Commercial drive has such a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Havana's Patio Commercial Drive

The Mill, situated on the Coal Harbour’s seawall is a very popular spot for tourists and locals. The only negative, I found was their limited drink menu . How can you not have mojito’s or sangria’s if you have a patio??? Although the vibe and view compensates their lack of drink selections.

The Mill Patio - Coal Harbour Seawall

Mahoney and Sons Coal Harbour has undisturbed and expansive views of the harbor. It is an irish bar, popular amongst tourists and the after work crowd. Check out my review of Mahoney and Sons.

Mahoney and Sons Patio Vancouver
Food Persuasion

Thierry not because it’s the nicest patio but because they serve dessert. As far as dessert places goes, Theirry has the nicest patio. Check out my review of Thierry

Theirry Vancouver Patio

Beachside Forno, in North Vancouver. Overlooking the harbour.

Beachside Forno patio

Finally, Art Gallery garden patio

Vancouver Art Gallery Garden Patio

I know there are many others, if you have any other patio’s you want to suggest add it in the comment section and I will include it in this post.