Kaya Malay Bistro – Tasty Malaysian Plates

After a whole day of lounging around with my sister and her boyfriend chowing down pepperoni sticks and cured meats at Granville Island I was ready for a real meal.

We hiked (in a sense, it’s uphill) from Granville Island to W Broadway for Kaya Malay Bistro.

Menu and decor reminded me of Banana Leaf and Tropika.

Char Bee Hoon, fried rice noodle with shrimp, fish cake, squid, bean sprout, & egg  $10 Nice wok-like flavour, reminiscent of homemade shrimp fried noodles. 4/5

Char been hoon rice noodles

Rendang Beef   Tender beef stewed in spiced coconut milk gravy $14. The curry sauce lacked intensity. Granted Thai curry is on the milder side of the curry spectrum. The beef should have been stewed a lot longer, it was tough and stringy. 2/5

Rendang beef curry

Satay  $1.5 per skewer Chicken, Beef , Lamb, & Vegetarian, Charcoal grilled marinated skewers with a spicy peanut dip Vegetarian satay with cherry tomato, mushroom & Japanese squash. The skewers lacked the smoky flavor.  The vegetable skewers were disappointing, go for the beef instead.

Satay skewers

Roti Canai   $6 Handrolled layered flat bread with curry sauce, 2 pieces,came out lukewarm, I like them hot off the stove. Because they were cold when they arrived they were soft. 3/5


Sambal Green Bean  $10 Stir fried crispy green beans in Malaysian style shrimp paste and fresh tomato and our second favourite dish of the night 4.5/5

Sambal green beans

Langkawi Coconut Prawn, deep fried prawns in a light tempura, flavored with shredded coconut $10. The outside was crisp and had a hint of coconut and the prawns were juicy and fresh. Delicious! 5/5

Coconut prawn

Deep Fried Banana. Delayed for more than 20 minutes, by this time I asked to cancel. It was nice that they took care of this dish, however we had to wait 10 more minutes… the lengths we will do for free food. No picture sorry, we attacked the deep friend banana’s before I even considered to take a pic.

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Faubourg Cafe- Decadent Desserts that Titillated All My Sense

Faubourg – Charming French Cafe – Kerrisdale

Faubourg desserts
Faubourg desserts

Food Persuasion Level : [rating=4]
Value: [rating=3]
Service : [rating=3]
Ambiance: [rating=5]
Price: $$
Cuisine: Cafe / Bakery
Location: Kerrisdale, Vancouver

I was persuaded by its charm, fallen head over heels with its good looks and absolutely titillated all my senses.

By what you say?

Faubourg Chef
Faubourg Chef

A charming French café nestled in Kerrisdale, serving one of the finest and decadent desserts I’ve had of yet. Yes, it may be on par or even surpass my fave, the internationally acclaimed Chocolatier, Thomas Haas Café.


The atmosphere was French modern, chic and friendly.  Now the food oooo…my mouth is watering just reminiscing, is scrumptious.

We tried the chocolate croissants, nice, flaky and fresh. It seemed like it just came out of the oven. Our desert lemon tart meringue $5, was to die for. It was tangy made with fresh lemon and not too sweet.

Faubourg lemon tart
Faubourg lemon tart

It was just so light I felt like I could eat these the whole day and not get enough.

Faubourg lemon tart meringue
Faubourg lemon tart meringue

Absolutely recommend the next time you stop on by Kerrisdale. One of my favourite Café’s in Vancouver

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