Osteria Savio Volpe To Open it’s Doors in Vancouver

Osteria Savio Volpe, the latest venture from three of the city’s renowned restaurant pros, will throw open its doors to the neighbourhood in early October 2015. Residents of Vancouver’s flourishing Fraserhood will soon have a bustling new tavern to satisfy their hunger for classic country Italian fare.  Continue reading “Osteria Savio Volpe To Open it’s Doors in Vancouver”

Kits Daily – Bambi was Delicious

Heads up, the meal I had at Kits Daily included a plate that ranked within my All Time Favourite Plates. It was a mind-blowing gastro climax, I was instantly aroused and obsessed.

So before that epic climax…

The venison dish was a tad heavy on the black pepper. The venison was a quality lean cut but, I thought it could have been more thinly sliced, it was a bit tough. Overall, the flavours were outstanding. The broth was so flavourful and meaty. Not in the sense of the portion of the meat but, the flavor the meat imparted.


I had high expectations for this cod but, in the end it was unfortunately very under seasoned and lacked flavor. We did shake a few granules of salt on top but, instead of infusing with the fish it just sat on top and overwhelmed the flavor of the fish.

Kudos, to Kits Daily and our server Morgan she took the dish back and offered a replacement dish.

You ready for the epic gastro-utopia climax?

Bambi was delicious! White tail deer perched on pomme puree with a side of cranberry chutney. Although the deer was very lean, this succulent cut was very tender and cooked to perfection. Perfectly charred rim and when you look at it closely, the rarer middle was slightly elevated.  Shit, I’m getting a reaction just reminiscing about it. The richness of the pomme puree complimented the gaminess of the deer and the tartness of the cranberry cut through the richness.

White tail deer
White tail deer

It wasn’t just the meat, every single ingredient had its purpose and went so well together and, that is why Bambi ranked within my All Time Favourite Plates.

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The Fish Counter- Sustainable Seafood in Hipsterville

The Fish Counter

The Fish Counter is a new small joint that opened up on Vancouver’s own  Hipsterville, Main Steet. Opened by Oceanwise co-founders Chef Robert Clark and Marine Biologist Mike McDermid . Clark was behind the brilliance of C restaurant.

They’ll only serve seafood that’s available in season and sustainable.

Sustainable fresh fish market
Sustainable fresh fish market

Think of this place like a standup only cafeteria/ market. There are only two benches, no tables.

The Fish Counter

I wanted something light; I figured I wanted to go restaurant hopping on Main St, so I ordered their dairy free seafood chowder.

The broth had a powerful punch, amazingly fresh and flavourful.  However, where is the seafood? I think I found pinky-nail pieces of clam, probably 7, and a sliver of salmon.

Dairy Free Seafood Chowder
Dairy Free Seafood Chowder

I was eyeing the seafood bouillabaisse and that looked delicious and hearty. Damn, should have gotten that instead.

The fish counter daily menu
The fish counter daily menu

I really wanted to love this place. It isn’t really far of me to judge The Fish Counter on one dish, although underwhelming as it was. I will be back.

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Thyme To Indulge Bistro – Whimsical and Delicious

Thyme to Indulge Bistro is so whimsical like stepping into an old school Parisian patisserie. They are also a catering company and restaurant hours are open from Wednesday – Sunday. Weekends are reserved for their brunch only.

thyme to indulge bistro
thyme to indulge bistro

We sat near the window on a sunny Sunday watching hipsters walk by with their JJ Bean coffee and donuts, while indulging on Thyme to Indulge wild berry pancake bombsButter milk pancake spheres filed with wild berry compote topped with confection sugar with a side of warm maple syrup. Yeh. Yeh. I was in pancake heaven.

stuffed pancake - Thyme to Indulge
stuffed pancake – Thyme to Indulge

The only down side was that this took quite a while for it to come out, approximately 20 minutes wait after we ordered. Our server came over and apologized twice.

I was eyeing the benny’s on the table beside us, they looked hearty. I will definitely be back for that.

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Cuchillo – Serves Up Creative Latin American Plates

Cuchillo, opened a few weeks ago in the heart of downtown east side where Railtown meets Chinatown. They have seen their share of protests so I decided to go and show my support. Cuchillo serves up creative Latin American dishes that are meant to be shared.

Cuchillo long table
Cuchillo long table

Unfortunately, they were just vandalized a few hours before, so they had to board up one of their windows. Don’t let this deter you from going though, this restaurant is worth a try.

They have this beautiful tall table parallel to the bar and in the back they have lounge area with comfy recliners. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing, décor is similar to the Diamond in Gastown, except Cuchillo’s service is far superior, everyone was welcoming and staff was knowledgeable.  The service I received at Diamond was so bad that they were added and moved up to the top of my blacklist, the only restaurant on this list because of poor service, the others I was due to food poisoning. I will save that story for later.

They serve my favourite mojito’s in town. I like my classic drinks to stay classic. I stay away from any berry infused drinks. Cuchillo topped their mojito’s with dark rum. Yummy! My friend said it was too minty but, I I thought it was the perfect hit.

mojito topped with dark rum
mojito topped with dark rum

Antojitos and Taqueria’s – small plates and tacos

Corn bread azul with guajillo chili butter $7 was made out of blue cornmeal resulting in a grainier texture. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Corn bread are usually very dense, Cuchillo’s was fluffier and moist. The chili butter gave it some nice heat.

Corn bread azul with guajillo chili butter
Corn bread azul with guajillo chili butter

White bean parmasean fundido $8 with corn chips is quite filling. It is essentially a white bean dip, with pumpkin seed, cotija Monterey jack, sardo parmesan and two other Argentinean cheeses. The cheese was sharp, heavy on garlic and the bean was a perfect consistency. You’d need an appetite, this is a heavy dish

White bean parmasean fundido
White bean parmasean fundido

Mixto Traditionale, octopus, sidestripe prawn, rockfish, mussels, clams, sweet potato puree. $14. After having the last two dishes that had huge flavor, the ceviche was relatively light. The seafood was fresh but, I would have liked more seasoning.

octopus, sidestripe prawn, rockfish, mussels, clams, sweet potato puree.
octopus, sidestripe prawn, rockfish, mussels, clams, sweet potato puree.

Mole Lamb albondigas, sardo parmasean browned garlic popcorn $8. This was my favourite dish, the lamb which was served in a lamb-ball was amazing. Think the lamb mixture was mixed with beef, I don’t get the intense gaminess lamb flavor. It was juicey and topped with popcorn which gave it a nice texture. I have to admit I was sold on the popcorn first before our server even mentioned lamb.

lamb taco
lamb taco

Morita chili bbq pulled pork. This pulled pork taco was pretty run of the mill. The bbq sauce was very nice, sweet, not overly savoury and the pulled pork wasn’t drowning in the sauce. I’ve had so many pulled pork dishes that I getting sick of it. This would be my last pulled pork dish for the season.

Morita chili bbq pulled pork.
Morita chili bbq pulled pork.

My two cents on DTES Gentrification Protests…

My two cents on the protests
My two cents on the protests

As for this bullshit about it being expensive, well it is more expensive than Everything $5? Yes, the quality of the food is far superior, what do you expect to pay for quality ingredients, of course it costs more. Share plates range from $6 – 14, you get two decent sized tacos for $8 and, entrees range from $18 – $24. The prices are a little lower than what you would find in the heart of downtown and the food is crazy good. It’s not an Applebee’s, you won’t get bottomless fries and a heaping plate of pasta bigger than your head, that’s just nasty. So before you whine that it’s too expensive, go out to comparable restaurants around town to get some perspective.

DTES is not exactly a tourist attraction but, some parts of Gastown isn’t either. If I never venture out then I would not get a chance to experience gems like Pidgin and Cuchillo. Try it out yourself before you turn up your nose at these restaurants because of their location.

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Cuchillo, Gastown

2012 Vancouver Holiday Menu Guide

Food Persuasion Holiday 2012 Holiday Menus GuideFood Persuasion - Holiday-Menu-Guide-2012

Food Persuasion’s annual 2012 Vancouver Holiday Menus Guideis here featuring Christmas brunches, lunches, dinners and buffets. This is still a work in progress, if you would like to add your Holiday menu on this list please email foodpersuasion@gmail.com or through the comment section. New this year is my Turkey To Go Section.


Reservations 604.685.8055

Five Sails

Reservations 604-844-2855

Fairmont Vancouver – Hotel Vancouver, Griffins

  • Nutcracker Tea – $59
  • Countdown to Christmas Dinner: December 2 to 23, 4:30 pm to 9 pm – 10pm Friday and Saturday -$52
  • Griffins Festive Luncheon Buffet -$44, excludes Dec 25
  • Christmas Eve Menu – -$85

Reservations at Hotel Vancouver Festive Dining Events

Sutton Place Hotel

Yew Restaurant – Four Seasons Hotel Kids under 6 eat free, Children 6 – 12 will receive 50% off the set menu

Reservations at (604) 689-9333

Fairmont Pacific Rim – Oru, Giovane

They don’t have their menu’s up on the their website yet. I took screenshots of the menu, if you require a PDF copy please email me at foodpersuasion@gmail.com

Reservations Miranda Lee, Festive Desk 604.695.5332

Bacchus at Wedgewood Hotel

Reservations at Festive Desk at 604-689-7777 ext. 5210, or festivedesk@wedgewoodhotel.com

West Restaurant Holiday menu available all December except 24 and 25th

  • Holiday Lunch: 3 course -$35
  • Christmas Tasting Menu -$75

Reservations: Owen Knowlton 604 738 8938, owen@westrestaurant.com

Araxi – Whistler **Deal Alert**

Reservations Neil Henderson at 604 932 4540, neil@araxi.com

The Oakwood – Kitsilano

  • Holiday Menu -$45

Reservations 604 558 1965

Glowbal Group Coast

Italian Kitchen


Black and Blue


  • Christmas Menu, 3 -4 course -$49 – $79. More of a fall/ winter menu
The Secret Garden

Hart House

Reservations by phone only 604-298-4278


Turkey To GoComes with additional turkey dinner trimmings

  • Sutton Place –$325, turkey is approximately 18lbs, order by Dec 22.
  • Fairmont Vancouver Hotel Vancouver-$295, serves 6-8 guests
  • Whole Foods: Holiday catering service, vegetable lasagna runs around $60



Kaya Malay Bistro – Tasty Malaysian Plates

After a whole day of lounging around with my sister and her boyfriend chowing down pepperoni sticks and cured meats at Granville Island I was ready for a real meal.

We hiked (in a sense, it’s uphill) from Granville Island to W Broadway for Kaya Malay Bistro.

Menu and decor reminded me of Banana Leaf and Tropika.

Char Bee Hoon, fried rice noodle with shrimp, fish cake, squid, bean sprout, & egg  $10 Nice wok-like flavour, reminiscent of homemade shrimp fried noodles. 4/5

Char been hoon rice noodles

Rendang Beef   Tender beef stewed in spiced coconut milk gravy $14. The curry sauce lacked intensity. Granted Thai curry is on the milder side of the curry spectrum. The beef should have been stewed a lot longer, it was tough and stringy. 2/5

Rendang beef curry

Satay  $1.5 per skewer Chicken, Beef , Lamb, & Vegetarian, Charcoal grilled marinated skewers with a spicy peanut dip Vegetarian satay with cherry tomato, mushroom & Japanese squash. The skewers lacked the smoky flavor.  The vegetable skewers were disappointing, go for the beef instead.

Satay skewers

Roti Canai   $6 Handrolled layered flat bread with curry sauce, 2 pieces,came out lukewarm, I like them hot off the stove. Because they were cold when they arrived they were soft. 3/5


Sambal Green Bean  $10 Stir fried crispy green beans in Malaysian style shrimp paste and fresh tomato and our second favourite dish of the night 4.5/5

Sambal green beans

Langkawi Coconut Prawn, deep fried prawns in a light tempura, flavored with shredded coconut $10. The outside was crisp and had a hint of coconut and the prawns were juicy and fresh. Delicious! 5/5

Coconut prawn

Deep Fried Banana. Delayed for more than 20 minutes, by this time I asked to cancel. It was nice that they took care of this dish, however we had to wait 10 more minutes… the lengths we will do for free food. No picture sorry, we attacked the deep friend banana’s before I even considered to take a pic.

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