Deer Garden Signature – Richmond’s Fave Noodle House

Deer Garden a popular Chinese noodle house in Richmond is almost always packed. They are known for their steaming hot flavorful bowls of noodles and their very low prices.

I am a sucker for steaming bowls of noodles and, usually it’s the main reason why I would be in Richmond. I have yet to find a comparable of noodle house outside of Richmond.

Reputed grilled beef tongue – so tender, I would absolutely re-order this dish. Pan fried and sprinkled with salt & pepper. $6.95 4.5/5. Not for the squeamish, you cannot mistake this body part, it’s a tongue you are eating.

Grilled Beef Tongue

Fish filet, crispy and hot on the outside and flaky on the inside. Reminded of something you can eat at PNE. 3/5

Breaded fish filet

You can select from a selection of soups and toppings. Their signature fish soup is their best seller.

Fish puffs squid, vermicelli 7.95. I’ve been to so hot pot and cattle café, also in Richmond, and Deer Garden beats it out of the park. The broth was not as oily as some places and the portions were huge, I had two dinners out of this dish. Loved that it came out steaming hot, unfortunately, I was impatient and greedy and burnt my tongue. 4.5/5

Chinese Creamy fish broth noodle soup

Fish broth with veggies, pig’s blood and fish balls. Alright, I was never a fan of chunks of stewed blood. The broth was the same as the previous dish, not much different than the previous dish.

Fish Broth Noodle Soup

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Mrs. Cheap Eats Guru – Gastronomic Richmond Tour

Our friend Vivian “Mrs. Cheap Eats Guru” took us on a budget friendly, gastronomic tour in Richmond. This girl can spot a good deal blindfolded and wearing noise cancelling headphones. Yes, she is an authentic Chinese, no CBC, banana here. The food we ate are from consistently top rated dining joints in Richmond. Despite my hangover and 4 Advil’s later I hopped on the Canada line to Aberdeen Centre to start my gastronomic adventure.

Wo Fung Dessert 

Aberdeen Centre

Don’t let the name fool you, I saw no desserts on the menu board. Not bitching, how can I be mad when they serve awesome chicken wings?

Curry fish balls, personally the curry tasted too artificial for me. We all agreed we could get better at the night market $3.50. Food Persuasion level: [rating=3]

curry fish balls

Chicken wings $4 – What is in this batter that makes it so damn addictive?? I’m not a wings kind of girl but, this I love. It was juicy, crispy and the batter…Reminds me of the popular wings at the Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown, Phnom Penh. Food Persuasion level: [rating=5]

chicken wings

Lemon tea $2 – ridiculously cheap, I mean you can’t really go wrong with lemon, sugar and tea. Food Persuasion level: [rating=3]

lemon tea

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Aberdeen Centre

Siu Long Bao $5, It’s a bao of juicy meat and soup. The trick is to try to eat it in one bite without dripping any soup. Food Persuasion level: [rating=4]

shao long bao

Shanghai Shanghai 上海上海 (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon

Rainbow Café

Parker Place

Egg Waffle $3.50. Think of a waffle but, lighter in texture, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Food Persuasion level: [rating=4]

egg waffle

Rainbow Cafe 彩虹小食 (Parker Place) on Urbanspoon

Tak Fook Noodle and Congee

Parker Place

Duck Rice Noodles  $6.50. The most popular items on their menu. Food Persuasion level: [rating=4]

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Excellent Tofu & Snacks

Address: In the centre across from Aberdeen

Nearing the end of our food tour I was stuffed, my bottomless friend Jing decided not to share, she wanted the dessert all to herself. Lucky me, the tofu dessert was scrumptious. I never feel guilty eating tofu, despite the sugar, coconut milk, pearls and the taro.

Tofu dessert $4 Food Persuasion level: [rating=5]

shanghai style tofu

pearl tofu

Taro - coconut milk tofu dessert

Excellent Tofu & Snack 好好豆品專門店 on Urbanspoon

Hong Kong BBQ Master

Address: Superstore parking lot on No. 3

BBQ Duck, people actually call in advance to reserve the duck. It’s insane, we went there around 3 and a lady in front of me purchased $67 worth of duck!! By the time it was my turn, it was sold out! I heard a collective groan from the lineup behind me. I hope she enjoys or gallons of duck I couldn’t try!!!

HK BBQ Master 明家燒臘專家 on Urbanspoon