Heritage Asian Eatery Asian-Inspired Brunch

Heritage Asian Eatery will be serving up an Asian-inspired brunch menu from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Heritage’s weekend brunch service will include a number of exciting new menu additions from Zhou, such as Peking Duck, Pork Belly and Shiitake Mushroom Benny Bowls (two poached eggs served with yuzu hollandaise, potato rösti and side salad), Green Onion Pancake with duck, shiitake or “the works” (three poached eggs, potato rösti, duck and pork belly), Congee with a choice of poached oyster, pork belly or char siu, along with sweet treats like Lemongrass Ginger-Infused Coconut Pudding and Golden Mantou with Matcha Condensed Milk. Continue reading “Heritage Asian Eatery Asian-Inspired Brunch”

Calabash Serves a Boozey Brunch

The Calabash is starting a brunch service and we got to try a 3 course menu paired with cocktails. This is a cool joint that makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean. The Iive music made for a very fun and vibrant room.

We started off with a yogurt lassi with rosewater, mint and a sprinkle of pistachio. It was really refreshing and light. There was also a starter of  fritters that were dense and moist. They were served with mango and guava butters. A very decadent start!

Escovitch Fish – The snapper was tangy and meaty and was cooked perfectly. The fried plantain was sweet and savoury…I could’ve eaten a whole plate of it! The mimosa was nicely balanced and was a nice refreshing start.

Oxtail stew – The ox is spiced and roasted and then braised. It was really moist with a good amount of heat. This is what I was waiting for! The dish worked well by breaking the yolk and mixing everything together. The dish was paired with a Dark & Stormy. What can I say..one of my all time favourites, but this one was pretty epic. It was topped with fresh coconut shavings and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I’ll return just for this drink!

Salara French toast – the in-house baked bread is a traditional Guyanese bread with a coconut filling. It was nice and crispy on outside and moist on the inside. The banana cream and mango syrup were not too sweet and really worked well with the toast. The dish was served with the Coconut Jumby.
Rum shaken with coconut water, muddled lemongrass, mint and finished with lime zest and coconut shavings..what more is there to say other than well done Calabash!

Cuchillo – Serves Up Creative Latin American Plates

Cuchillo, opened a few weeks ago in the heart of downtown east side where Railtown meets Chinatown. They have seen their share of protests so I decided to go and show my support. Cuchillo serves up creative Latin American dishes that are meant to be shared.

Cuchillo long table
Cuchillo long table

Unfortunately, they were just vandalized a few hours before, so they had to board up one of their windows. Don’t let this deter you from going though, this restaurant is worth a try.

They have this beautiful tall table parallel to the bar and in the back they have lounge area with comfy recliners. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing, décor is similar to the Diamond in Gastown, except Cuchillo’s service is far superior, everyone was welcoming and staff was knowledgeable.  The service I received at Diamond was so bad that they were added and moved up to the top of my blacklist, the only restaurant on this list because of poor service, the others I was due to food poisoning. I will save that story for later.

They serve my favourite mojito’s in town. I like my classic drinks to stay classic. I stay away from any berry infused drinks. Cuchillo topped their mojito’s with dark rum. Yummy! My friend said it was too minty but, I I thought it was the perfect hit.

mojito topped with dark rum
mojito topped with dark rum

Antojitos and Taqueria’s – small plates and tacos

Corn bread azul with guajillo chili butter $7 was made out of blue cornmeal resulting in a grainier texture. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Corn bread are usually very dense, Cuchillo’s was fluffier and moist. The chili butter gave it some nice heat.

Corn bread azul with guajillo chili butter
Corn bread azul with guajillo chili butter

White bean parmasean fundido $8 with corn chips is quite filling. It is essentially a white bean dip, with pumpkin seed, cotija Monterey jack, sardo parmesan and two other Argentinean cheeses. The cheese was sharp, heavy on garlic and the bean was a perfect consistency. You’d need an appetite, this is a heavy dish

White bean parmasean fundido
White bean parmasean fundido

Mixto Traditionale, octopus, sidestripe prawn, rockfish, mussels, clams, sweet potato puree. $14. After having the last two dishes that had huge flavor, the ceviche was relatively light. The seafood was fresh but, I would have liked more seasoning.

octopus, sidestripe prawn, rockfish, mussels, clams, sweet potato puree.
octopus, sidestripe prawn, rockfish, mussels, clams, sweet potato puree.

Mole Lamb albondigas, sardo parmasean browned garlic popcorn $8. This was my favourite dish, the lamb which was served in a lamb-ball was amazing. Think the lamb mixture was mixed with beef, I don’t get the intense gaminess lamb flavor. It was juicey and topped with popcorn which gave it a nice texture. I have to admit I was sold on the popcorn first before our server even mentioned lamb.

lamb taco
lamb taco

Morita chili bbq pulled pork. This pulled pork taco was pretty run of the mill. The bbq sauce was very nice, sweet, not overly savoury and the pulled pork wasn’t drowning in the sauce. I’ve had so many pulled pork dishes that I getting sick of it. This would be my last pulled pork dish for the season.

Morita chili bbq pulled pork.
Morita chili bbq pulled pork.

My two cents on DTES Gentrification Protests…

My two cents on the protests
My two cents on the protests

As for this bullshit about it being expensive, well it is more expensive than Everything $5? Yes, the quality of the food is far superior, what do you expect to pay for quality ingredients, of course it costs more. Share plates range from $6 – 14, you get two decent sized tacos for $8 and, entrees range from $18 – $24. The prices are a little lower than what you would find in the heart of downtown and the food is crazy good. It’s not an Applebee’s, you won’t get bottomless fries and a heaping plate of pasta bigger than your head, that’s just nasty. So before you whine that it’s too expensive, go out to comparable restaurants around town to get some perspective.

DTES is not exactly a tourist attraction but, some parts of Gastown isn’t either. If I never venture out then I would not get a chance to experience gems like Pidgin and Cuchillo. Try it out yourself before you turn up your nose at these restaurants because of their location.

Cuchillo on Urbanspoon

Cuchillo, Gastown

Local Dragon’s Den Success, Celebrating Urban Farming

Tarren Wolfe, owner and inventor of Living Produce Aisle and a Dragon’s Den success story, takes fresh and local produce to the next level. Located in Gastown, customers will be able to choose from a dozens of different micro greens and herbs and have them freshly cut right from the urban cultivators.

ned-tarren living produce aisle

Their menu created by Four Season’s Executive Chef Ned Bell, mainly consists of smoothies and salads. A delicious recipe below – tried and tested.

Ned Bell - Living Produce Aisle

Urban cultivator was only offered for commercial uses, have been miniaturized for consumer consumption. Recommended for anyone who wants to take control of what they eat and start growing their own greens and herbs 365 days a year.

Skeptical at first, while I get the whole grow your own food sell, how was this green, this thing is on 24 hours a day, everyday. Upon further discussion, Urban Cultivators has the same energy output as a dishwasher.

Commercial Urban Cultivator - LPA

Ned Bell was spending around $2000/ month on fresh herbs and micro greens at the Four Seasons, an investment in one of these industrial sized ‘farm in a box’ retails for $6000 turned out to be a huge money saver. The home model produces about $1000 worth of greens per year, paying for itself in approximately two years.

For regular consumers like myself, I’d stick to purchasing pots. The greens were perfect, no yellowing, no holes where bugs nibbled. Walking in there are rows and rows of green machines, not even a designer landscape artist could reach to this level of perfection.

micro greens - Living Produce Aisle

All seeds are non-GMO and organic, Wolfe’s main supplier is Mumm’s from Saskatchewan.

Chef Ned’s “Sweet, Salty, Nutty and Fruity” Cranberry Hazelnut Honey Balsamic Salad

Artisan lettuce, Pea Tendrils, Beat Tops, Arugula, Kale Micro’s, locally grown and roasted Hazelnuts, locally grown Cranberries and Chef Ned’s Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette:


  • 4 cups canola oil
  • 2 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 cup honey
  • 4 tbsp sea salt
  • 3 tbsp cracked black pepper


Puree everything in a Vita Mix Blender. Check for seasoning and adjust with sea salt and pepper to taste.

 Additional Applications:

  • This dressing is great on any mixed greens or lettuces.
  • It is also a great dip for vegetables or fruits (apples, pears melon)
  • Try it with a warm potato salad, mixed bean salad, green beans, asparagus or your favourite pasta salad or cooked quinoa.
  • Serve with Dried Cranberries and Toasted Hazelnuts sprinkled on top


2012 Vancouver Holiday Menu Guide

Food Persuasion Holiday 2012 Holiday Menus GuideFood Persuasion - Holiday-Menu-Guide-2012

Food Persuasion’s annual 2012 Vancouver Holiday Menus Guideis here featuring Christmas brunches, lunches, dinners and buffets. This is still a work in progress, if you would like to add your Holiday menu on this list please email foodpersuasion@gmail.com or through the comment section. New this year is my Turkey To Go Section.


Reservations 604.685.8055

Five Sails

Reservations 604-844-2855

Fairmont Vancouver – Hotel Vancouver, Griffins

  • Nutcracker Tea – $59
  • Countdown to Christmas Dinner: December 2 to 23, 4:30 pm to 9 pm – 10pm Friday and Saturday -$52
  • Griffins Festive Luncheon Buffet -$44, excludes Dec 25
  • Christmas Eve Menu – -$85

Reservations at Hotel Vancouver Festive Dining Events

Sutton Place Hotel

Yew Restaurant – Four Seasons Hotel Kids under 6 eat free, Children 6 – 12 will receive 50% off the set menu

Reservations at (604) 689-9333

Fairmont Pacific Rim – Oru, Giovane

They don’t have their menu’s up on the their website yet. I took screenshots of the menu, if you require a PDF copy please email me at foodpersuasion@gmail.com

Reservations Miranda Lee, Festive Desk 604.695.5332

Bacchus at Wedgewood Hotel

Reservations at Festive Desk at 604-689-7777 ext. 5210, or festivedesk@wedgewoodhotel.com

West Restaurant Holiday menu available all December except 24 and 25th

  • Holiday Lunch: 3 course -$35
  • Christmas Tasting Menu -$75

Reservations: Owen Knowlton 604 738 8938, owen@westrestaurant.com

Araxi – Whistler **Deal Alert**

Reservations Neil Henderson at 604 932 4540, neil@araxi.com

The Oakwood – Kitsilano

  • Holiday Menu -$45

Reservations 604 558 1965

Glowbal Group Coast

Italian Kitchen


Black and Blue


  • Christmas Menu, 3 -4 course -$49 – $79. More of a fall/ winter menu
The Secret Garden

Hart House

Reservations by phone only 604-298-4278


Turkey To GoComes with additional turkey dinner trimmings

  • Sutton Place –$325, turkey is approximately 18lbs, order by Dec 22.
  • Fairmont Vancouver Hotel Vancouver-$295, serves 6-8 guests
  • Whole Foods: Holiday catering service, vegetable lasagna runs around $60



Wildebeest – Hot Gastown Restaurant

wildebeast kitchen

It was a packed house for Saturday night at 9PM. Upon walking in you sense the Gastown hipster vibe, you when it’s uber cool to be anti – pretentious, they are so cool that they are turning pretentious, without realizing it, it’s a personal observation.

Now the food…
Slow-cooked natural Angus beef short rib, smoked salt, hay-infused jus. One of the more popular items on Wildebeast’s dinner menu. Ribs were souveed for 2 days then finished on the grilled. As expected very tender and smoky. Great except for my first piece, I grabbed the rib on the left, the entire piece was fat and bone. 3.5/5

Grilled beef tongue, wild mushroom consommé, toasted grains, mustard greens. Our favourite dish, the Asian inspired shiitake and dashi mushroom consume was made in-house, wow it was packed with flavor. I threw out my table manners and greedily slurped up the broth. 4.5/5
Beef tongue

Pork jowl, long pepper-scented oats, bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup. Don’t be put off by the mush, which would remind you of oatmeal. Eat it together and you will understand and appreciate the combination. Sweet and salt with a little bacon fat, delicious. I mentioned, if my mom made oatmeal like this she wouldn’t have trouble feeding me in the morning. Yes, I was fussy even then. 4/5
Pig jowl

The service was satisfactory, it was great in the beginning then as the night progressed they got surlier. By the end of the night I was afraid to ask for a refill of water, less they gave me the glance that said “what you need water? Now?!

All in all  I would head back, the food was good enough for a second visit.





Wildebeest on Urbanspoon

Halong Bay – Newly Discovered Viet Gem

Halong Bay is a newly discovered gem near my workplace. All my co-workers have been continually raving about this joint. Halong Bay serves simple but fairly good Vietnamese cuisine. Their menu is pretty standard of what is found at other restaurants.

Halong bay restaurant
Halong bay restaurant

Their décor is worth a mention and not because it is gorgeous. With laminated pictures of their menu items plastered on their pale blue walls.

Lemongrass Vietnamese sub was decent very typical of what you would get. $4.75 3.5/5

lemongrass chicken sub
lemongrass chicken sub

Special tripe beef balls were comparable to the standard pho available downtown. Special tripe beef balls $6.50. Very comparable to the standard pho available downtown 3.5/5