2012 Vancouver Holiday Menu Guide

Food Persuasion Holiday 2012 Holiday Menus GuideFood Persuasion - Holiday-Menu-Guide-2012

Food Persuasion’s annual 2012 Vancouver Holiday Menus Guideis here featuring Christmas brunches, lunches, dinners and buffets. This is still a work in progress, if you would like to add your Holiday menu on this list please email foodpersuasion@gmail.com or through the comment section. New this year is my Turkey To Go Section.


Reservations 604.685.8055

Five Sails

Reservations 604-844-2855

Fairmont Vancouver – Hotel Vancouver, Griffins

  • Nutcracker Tea – $59
  • Countdown to Christmas Dinner: December 2 to 23, 4:30 pm to 9 pm – 10pm Friday and Saturday -$52
  • Griffins Festive Luncheon Buffet -$44, excludes Dec 25
  • Christmas Eve Menu – -$85

Reservations at Hotel Vancouver Festive Dining Events

Sutton Place Hotel

Yew Restaurant – Four Seasons Hotel Kids under 6 eat free, Children 6 – 12 will receive 50% off the set menu

Reservations at (604) 689-9333

Fairmont Pacific Rim – Oru, Giovane

They don’t have their menu’s up on the their website yet. I took screenshots of the menu, if you require a PDF copy please email me at foodpersuasion@gmail.com

Reservations Miranda Lee, Festive Desk 604.695.5332

Bacchus at Wedgewood Hotel

Reservations at Festive Desk at 604-689-7777 ext. 5210, or festivedesk@wedgewoodhotel.com

West Restaurant Holiday menu available all December except 24 and 25th

  • Holiday Lunch: 3 course -$35
  • Christmas Tasting Menu -$75

Reservations: Owen Knowlton 604 738 8938, owen@westrestaurant.com

Araxi – Whistler **Deal Alert**

Reservations Neil Henderson at 604 932 4540, neil@araxi.com

The Oakwood – Kitsilano

  • Holiday Menu -$45

Reservations 604 558 1965

Glowbal Group Coast

Italian Kitchen


Black and Blue


  • Christmas Menu, 3 -4 course -$49 – $79. More of a fall/ winter menu
The Secret Garden

Hart House

Reservations by phone only 604-298-4278


Turkey To GoComes with additional turkey dinner trimmings

  • Sutton Place –$325, turkey is approximately 18lbs, order by Dec 22.
  • Fairmont Vancouver Hotel Vancouver-$295, serves 6-8 guests
  • Whole Foods: Holiday catering service, vegetable lasagna runs around $60



Veg Fest on Granville – Saturday, August 4

Vegetarian for a day

Loving hut chefs

Veg Fest Vancouver takes over Granville Street between Georgia and Robson on Saturday, August 4.

Veg Fest is a day-long, free food festival offers an array of vegetarian delights guaranteed to satisfy even us meat eaters.

Veg Fest 2012 Food Vendors

Loving Hut
Zimt Artisan Chocolates
Edible Flours
Fairy Cakes
Eternal Abundance
Tao Organics
The Simply Bar
Chomp Vegan Eatery
Life Bites
Indigo Food
North of 49 Naturals

The American Cheesesteak Co – The All American Dream Sub

Prime rib that melts in your mouth, the Philly cheesesteak subs represents the true meaning of America’s obsession of overindulgence. Hunks of meat, melted cheese, bacon mayo and, onions all in a 9” toasted bun was my dinner, breakfast and lunch.

The American cheesesteak Co

Towards the end of our food cart crawl, I persuaded my foodie co-horts Simon of Life in the Lower Mainland and Rachel of Posh Pudding to try the highly anticipated American Cheesestake Co. on Davie.

American cheesesteak dining

Similar to a cafe, they require you to pay and order at the front before you sit.

American cheesesteak menu

The prices ($9 – 14) were pretty decent considering the whopping size of the subs and fries.

The cowboy was a fatty sub of awesomess. Huge portions of prime rib, crispy fried onions, homemade spicy BBQ sauce, bacon mayo and aged white cheddar on a 9” toasted bun.

May be if I didn’t previously wolf down two meals within a span of an hour I would appreciate the cowboy more. I had 5 freaking burgers / subs that day! It was so huge I had to use a knife and fork. I loved the texture of the crispy onions and the flavor of the meat was very good. 3.5/5

cowby cheesesteak

Fries, are first boiled in sugar, water and vinegar, to take away the starch and to create holes so that the oil can penetrate it when frying. It is then refried twice for extra crispiness. We decided to order the truffle aioli sauce, side note, all sauces are made in-house. The fries are similar to concession fries, thicker and less crispy. That being said, for fries that were refried twice, I expected it to be crispier than what it actually was. 2/5

refried fries

After the holidays, we all agreed we should incorporate healthier diet options hence, the vegetarian sub. Healthy my ass!! The good earth was loaded with so much cheese that it overpowered all the rest of the ingredients. It was as if they decided they needed a vegetarian option but ran out of time, an uncreative veggie option with only mushrooms, onions and peppers. The bun became so soggy after a few minutes because they failed to take away the water from the mushrooms 1/5

good earth

The meal was so stereotypical American is so many ways, a whole lotta sugar, sodium and vats of fat. I don’t think I could eat another sub for the next few months after that meal.

The American CheeseSteak Co. on Urbanspoon

The Greatest Summer Patio Roundup

A Must Patio List For This Summer in Vancouver.

What I love about Summer? Patio and beach hopping while sipping on my favourite summer drinks, mojito’s and sangria’s. To help you get into the swing of patio season, I’ve come up with a list of my favourite patio’s in Vancouver. They are my faves because of their fun vibe, view and of course the patio itself.

I love Kits in the Summer. Every time I am in Kits on a sunny day I wished I still live here. The vibe is so fun and vibrant.

Local Public Eatery patio, situated right across Kitsilano beach is a popular place for sun worshipers and locals. It’s fun and I believe they still have sangria’ specials.

Local Kitsilano Patio

Another Ktisilano patio is right on the beach, The Boathouse.

The boathouse patio kitsilano beach


Speaking of beaches, Cactus Club English Bay is very popular for beach go-ers for a quick bite. Although, I would rather just sit in the sand.

Cactus Club English Bay Patio

Patio’s in Granville Island will give you an undisturbed view of Vancouver’s harbor. A very popular tourist destination.


Dockside Granville Island Patio


Bridges Restaurant Granville Island Patio

Chill Winston, is still one of my go to patio’s. The vibe is fun and the patio is street level and, people watching is one of my favourite pastimes. The largest patio in Gastown

Chill Winston Patio Gastown
vancouver bars

The Keefer with a pool in the middle of the rooftop lounge

The keefer rooftop patio

The Keg in Yaletown rooftop patio and lounge is chic and full of Yaletown yuppies.

The Keg Yaletown Rooftop Patio
vitamin daily

Another restaurant for good seafood and has a gorgeous rooftop garden patio is Joe Fortes

Joe fortes rooftop garden patio
joe fortes

Hidden patio at Gotham’s Steakhouse

Gotham's Steakhouse Garden Patio

Reflections rooftop lounge patio on the 4th floor of Hotel Georgia is one of the more swank patio’s downtown. Reminds me of Las Vegas, you can check out my review.  Reflections has corporate atmosphere that turns into a meat market for brokers later in the evening. Quickly becoming a hotspot

Reflections Rooftop Lounge Patio
Food Persuasion

Market Shangri-La rooftop patio is another swank patio although not as big as Reflections.

Market Shangri -La Vancouver Rooftop Patio

Havana’s on Commercial drive has such a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Havana's Patio Commercial Drive

The Mill, situated on the Coal Harbour’s seawall is a very popular spot for tourists and locals. The only negative, I found was their limited drink menu . How can you not have mojito’s or sangria’s if you have a patio??? Although the vibe and view compensates their lack of drink selections.

The Mill Patio - Coal Harbour Seawall

Mahoney and Sons Coal Harbour has undisturbed and expansive views of the harbor. It is an irish bar, popular amongst tourists and the after work crowd. Check out my review of Mahoney and Sons.

Mahoney and Sons Patio Vancouver
Food Persuasion

Thierry not because it’s the nicest patio but because they serve dessert. As far as dessert places goes, Theirry has the nicest patio. Check out my review of Thierry

Theirry Vancouver Patio

Beachside Forno, in North Vancouver. Overlooking the harbour.

Beachside Forno patio

Finally, Art Gallery garden patio

Vancouver Art Gallery Garden Patio

I know there are many others, if you have any other patio’s you want to suggest add it in the comment section and I will include it in this post.

Hawksworth at Georgia Hotel – Not Exuberantly Expensive As Expected

One of the most buzzed about restaurant this winter would have to be Hawksworth at The Georgia Hotel. Previous executive chef at West, David Hawksworth had exceptionally high expectations to meet. Most of us have been anticipating Hawksworth opening since 2008!!! That’s when the first hint was leaked.

We thought to indulge ourselves during lunch. The décor is opulent with the huge hanging chandeliers and a pristine dining room.  Get ready for some spectacular people watching spot too.  I was a bit hesitant to go at first,  thought it would cost me an arm and a leg but, the prices are just a tad more than Cactus’s, at least during lunch.

Now the food…

Bartlett pear salad speck, burrata, roasted shallot $16. The salad was light and on the bland side.  It was however, a good choice to clean your palette. Burrata, a type of creamy Italian cheese made from mozza and cream gave the dish a buttery texture. 2/5
Bartlett pear salad

48 hr beef shortrib black pepper jam, honeydew, green papaya, peanut, Thai basil $16. This was our favourite dish. I can’t believe the shortribs were still intact after 48 hours of braising.


Even when you slice through it, was very tender but still held its shape. The combination of the short ribs with the peanuts and honeydew were delicious. 4/5

48hr shortrib black

Hawksworth beef burger applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar, frites $18. It’s a regular burger, the patty wasn’t juicy. Now the burger at Mahoney and Son’s, located at the Convention Center is a BURGER. 3/5

Hawksworth Burger

Hawksworth Burger. 2jpg

Hawksworth on Urbanspoon

Flying Pig – Yaletown’s Best Value Brunch

Flying Pig – Brunch Review – Yaletown, BC

Newer entry to Yaletown’s entertainment district, Flying Pig is a casual Canadian bistro offering a local and seasonally inspired menu. I have to say this is one of the best valued restaurants in Yaletown. Their price point and great food is what will have me coming back again and again.

I sat down for both the dinner and brunch. Both experiences were amazing. Since I LOVE brunch that is what my review would be based on.

Braised Pork Cheeks and two poached eggs drizzled with hollandaise sauce. This artery clogging dish was intense in all levels. The in your face flavor, richness and mouth-watering smell.  4/5

braised pork cheeks

Open faced New York Steak with a bed of greens.  After sampling the Braised Pork Cheeks this dish was pretty average. Simple dish made well. 3.5/5

open face NY Steak Sandwich

French Toast with Blueberry Compote, the raving beauty of our meal. My friend has been taunting me with this for weeks. I had to try it out to shut her up and, I was glad I did. Arriving at the table this looked sickly sweet. It wasn’t at all, we all loved it. 4.5/5

French Toast (1)

The Flying Pig on Urbanspoon

Refinery – Japan vs Granville Island

Refinery Cocktail Kitchen Series

Food Persuasion Level : [rating=4]
Value: [rating=4]
Service : [rating=4]
Ambiance: [rating=5]
Price: $$
Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Granville, Vancouver


Refinery Cocktail Kitchen Series, a bartending competition inspired by different cultures paired with scrumptious food. This month competition focuses on Japan vs Granville Island. We were thrilled Chef Ben’s food menu was “sushi-free“, we all been to those Japanese themed dinner parties where the selection was limited to two, california and spicy tuna rolls.

The sake and soju was supplied by Masa Shiroki the owner of a local artisan sake shop on Granville Island, Artisan Sake Maker.  Mixologist for the night was Dani Taratin, bar manager from The Keefer.

1st course…

Sunomono saladcompressed cucumber noodles, prawn, pickled Ginger, and citrus, sweetened with lychee and mirin and preserved lemon. It was refreshing and light, good for cleansing the palate and preparing your taste buds for the heavier 2nd course.

Sunomono salad

Paired with…

Sake, gin dream concoction within a carved lime with apple and lime bitters.  Thankfully, we had master sake maker, Masa Shiroki sitting at our table to explain the layers of flavor within the sake drink. This creative sipper was made with Jew Mai Sake, which is premium sake. The drink had a cucumber undertone which paired well with the cucumber noodles.  It was clean, refreshing and simple, as a standalone drink this was by far our favorite of the night.

Lime jew mai sake

2nd course…

Okonomiyake cabbage pancake with bonito Japanese BBQ sauce- bonetta flakes (dried fish).  I’ve been to many Japanese restaurants and I have yet to find one that tastes so good. The combination of Japanese mayo and BBQ sauce, the dashi soup made it so flavorful. Usually this dish tends to be very doughy and dense and chewy, this on the other hand was light.

Okonomiyake cabbage pancake

Paired with…

Blood orange Soju with and passion fruit grapefruit house made bitters and a dash of cinnamon for some for some earthiness and spice.

Blood orange Soju

3rd course…

Kazu  and miso marinated sable fish with mushroom and vegetables. This was dish had quite a bit of bite and,  this is coming from a person who slathers on wasabi like butter. The sweetness of the marinated sable fish was nice and sweet.


Kazu  and miso marinated sable fish

Paired with…

Kasu sake, with yin gi mushroom, black tea and a squeeze of lime for its tartness, rimmed with salt and sugar other Japanese earthy herbs. Man! This drink was complex, the sipper alone is a bit confusing. You know when you are expecting chocolate to taste sweet instead it tastes like salty shitake mushrooms mixed with black tea, your taste buds are screaming, “what the hell?” Well if you sipped on this before a bite of the dish yea.  Now, paired with the dish it was amazing! The black tea and the yin gi mushrooms accentuated all the different layers of flavors in the dish and makes it linger a little while longer

The Refinery: Market.Style.Eatery on Urbanspoon