Giovane Cafe – I’m Only Here for the Sweets

Food enthusiasts and bloggers from Vancouver’s food bloggers meetup, gathered at Fairmont Pacific Rim, Giovanne Café to sample some of their delicious delights.  Before I launch into my review, I recommend anyone partaking in a few events if you consider yourself a food enthusiast. Trying out food and meeting new friends…it’s the perfect marriage!

Now the sweets….

Signature Sugar Bun with Vanilla Cream filling. This was not heavy or overly sweet. The texture was creamy and light but, the flavor was just not there. Yes, it is a simple pastry but, as a signature item, I found that it lacked oomph. 2.5/5

sugar bun

Yule log was my favorite.  Nice light hazelnut mouse with chocolate and wafers to add a crunchy texture.

yule log

Indulgent, check.

Overload on chocolate, check.

Intense explosion to the senses, check. 4/5

Lastly we sampled the black forest cake, a nice take on a traditional pastry. Still trying to decipher what was in the cream, I believe it was Kirsch. Lighter than the black forest cakes I previous had but, if they kicked it up a notch and infused a stronger cherry flavor it would have been perfect. 3/5

black forest (1)

Local bloggers Simon Life in the Lower Mainland, Jenny EatwithJenny, Vicki foodieonthe49th will be posting their experiences of Giovanne Café.

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Cardero’s – Where the views matter as much as the food

sangria & mussels
sangria & mussels

On a warm lazy Summer Sunday afternoon, we chilled on Cadero’s patio, overlooking Coal Harbour Marina and the North Shore mountains.  With a cold and refreshing pitcher of Sangria and a plate full of mussels I was in heaven.

This is a tourist hotspot so come here early or be prepared to wait, especially for a patio seat but, it’s worth it.

Cadero’s Dining Promotions (Ongoing):

Mussel Mania – Every Weekday 3 – 6pm. $10 for a Granville Island brew and mussels

Sangria Sundays – $14 for a pitcher

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Mahony and Sons- Irish Bar with the Best Patio in Van

Patio season is coming to an end before it does it is absolutely crucial to visit Mahoney and Sons. Their large wrap around patio is at the convention centre and has undisturbed views of coal harbor marina. It is has been my favorite patio spot in Vancouver this summer.

Mahoney Patio
Mahoney Patio

Now the Food..

All the burgers and sandwiches comes with a choice of fries or salad.

Mushroom burger with truffle and aioli, was scrumptious, I am not huge a fan of burgers but, shucks! Add truffle and aioli and, its mouth watering. 4/5

Veggie Sandwich– the ciabatta bread was warm and crunch. The roasted veggie was nicely grilled and fresh.  3.5 /5

Grilled Veggie Sandwich
Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Salmon Burger– This is my favourite. The portion of the salmon was very decent, it was nice and fresh. There was no need to hide the fish in sauce like some other restaurants, when the quality fo the fish is sub-par. This was perfect.  4/5

Salmon Burger
Salmon Burger

Irish burger and Gamin bacon – A juicy burger, made with fresh ingredients. If you want a regular meaty burger, this is it.

Irish Burger
Irish Burger

Mango Coconut Sundae, with pineapples and gingered pecans. The coconut flavor was very the mango was too strong.  I could much on the gingered pecans and I’ll be set, they were delicious.

Mango Sundae
Mango Sundae

Chocolate sundae, mixed with strawberries, cashew and caramel sauce.

chocolate sundae
chocolate sundae

Irish Rose, reminded me of a strawberry mojito, it is a bit watered down for my taste.

Irish Rose
Irish Rose

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Fairmont Lobby Lounge – Indulgent People Watching

Indulgent and Grand Fairmont Pacific Rim – Lobby Lounge

Fairmont Pacific Rim

Lobby Lounge

Sigh… this is simply indulgent. We started our “feel pretty day” with  Japanese fusion high tea at the lobby lounge. I ordered the Jasmine and my friend the Green Pear Tea…. delicious.

The assortment of goodies were decadent and so pretty, from California rolls wrapped in cucumber to Matcha mouse cake and chocolate macaroons. Don’t expect traditional English high tea there would be no cucumber sandwiches and fruit tarts… the closest thing was they served  were scones, everything else was fusion


high tea

Service was impeccable and seating was comfortable.


Now….the main reason why this lobby is so busy on a random Thursday afternoon, the expensively well dressed, nicely groomed hot people. It’s is the place to be for people watching. People who were in “business meetings” don’t even look at each other, they purposely move their seats

Food Persuasion Level : [rating=4]

Value: [rating=3]
Service : [rating=3]
Ambiance: [rating=4]
Price: $$$
Cuisine: Lounge
Location: Coal Harbour Vancouver, BC

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Herons Restaurant Promotion – Fairmont Waterfront

Herons Restaurant & Lounge located in Fairmont Waterfront
Similar to their previous lunch promotion last year, $17.50 lunch buffet per person. Sweet deal! For a sample of dishes presented at their buffet and a review check out
Fairmont Waterfront Herons – 2 for 1 Lunch Buffet

Preston – Why Empty Restaurants are Creepy

Preston, is a little piece of Yaletown in Coal Harbour. With its dark wood and black on red decor. Peering from the outside it looks pretty dead, going to an empty restaurant could be pretty creepy. I walk by this place daily and always make a mental note to try it but, always get creeped out when it’s completely empty. Thankfully, on a Saturday night it was half full, whew…

We decided on the Saturday Date Night menu, $49 shared appetizer and desert and, seperate entrees.


Started with the Sweet Prawn Gyoza and Scallops – Dumplings were nice and crispy. I wouldn’t say it was brilliant but, it was above average.

Sweet Prawn Gyoza and Scallops- Preston
Sweet Prawn Gyoza and Scallops- Preston


Wild Mushroom Ravioli – Wow, it was so dry and undercooked it was like eating tree bark dipped in sweet and sour sauce. The flavors did not complement each other. The combinations of flavors were so odd, we were left feeling confused, what the hell am I really eating, sweet and sour, with wild mushrooms?!?

Wild Mushroom Ravioli- Preston
Wild Mushroom Ravioli- Preston

In replacement of the sweet and sour tree bark ravioli, we ordered the Pad Thai. It was a bit bland but, certainly passable. My dining companion mixed in some soy sauce and chili paste to the leftovers the next day and apparently, that was good.

Pad Thai- Preston
Pad Thai- Preston

AAA top sirloin – The meat was tender and juicy, albeit very salty. I’m guessing they accidentally dumped too much salt on the steak, so much so I could still see little chunks of crystals that I had to scrape off.

AAA Top Sirloin - Preston
AAA Top Sirloin - Preston

Strawberry Balsamic Cheesecake – I love strawberry cheese cakes with sweet balsamic reduction.

Strawberry Balsalmic Cheesecake- Preston
Strawberry Balsalmic Cheesecake- Preston

The service was exemplary, the hostess came around to each table and asked, using your name, and extra added customer service touch was pleasant and saved the dinner from being a complete failure.

Value: [rating=4]
Service : [rating=4]
Ambiance: [rating=4]
Price: $$
Cuisine: West Coast Restaurant
Location: Downtown Vancouver

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