Pumkin Beer Challenge: Russell, Howe Sound, Elysian, Phillips and Steamworks

Tis’s the season for Pumpkin flavoured drinks. People are either obsessed or sick of pumpkin ale’s. I love it, and I rounded up a few of my favourite pumpkin beers. It really depends on your taste preferences, some like it maltier, some hoppier, so I have devised a rating to help you pick out your favourite from my list. Continue reading “Pumkin Beer Challenge: Russell, Howe Sound, Elysian, Phillips and Steamworks”

Dead Frog Interstellar ESB


The bite that ESB’s have are not for everyone but it’s a personal favorite when I can find one that’s well balanced.

Although not out of the world, this interstellar ESB is well balanced. Slightly sweet on the nose, you get a nice caramel and fruity hop up front that’s quickly followed with a syrup like sweetness. This rounds out the bitterness almost a tad too much in my opinion. The finish is nice and smooth though so this will still make for a nice summer brew.

Philips Brewing Area 52 – Octofox


“Rumours swirl about a secret Philips brewing project called Area 52, where renegade hoptomology breeds experimental hoppy beers known only by their call – signs. We deny everything, Octofox does not exist” – Philips Brewery, Victoria BC

Philips Area 52, code name octofox, found only in the Philips hopbox. It starts with a really floral and fruity aroma. The fruit is really distinguishable in the hops. It’s finish is slightly dry and smooth.

Port Manhattan – Old School Remixed

I am a huge fan of tawny. I love it. So I thought why not combine it with my other favourite drink an old school Manhattan.  That’s when I thought of Tawny Manhattan…what???? panties dropped.

This recipe blows the pickup artist bible. One caveat, the girl must know and love her old school drinks. No kamikaze floozies.

Port Manhattan  (aka panties dropping recipe)

2 shots rye
1 shot tawny (I used 20 year Do,  prefer Taylor Fladgate
splashes of bitters
.5 shot contreau
burnt orange peal to rub against rim and twist it to release oils and drop in drink