About Me

I am a Vancouverite Foodie who gets a high every time a great deal is found. Also my cell bill was enormous last month due to the constant barrage for restaurant recommendation requests. So, in my Caroline Lau, Editor Food Persuasionattempt to save a few bucks and try-out a smorgasbord of delicious food, Food Persuasion was formed.

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So you and your friends won’t have to loiter on a street corner trying to think of a place to eat and come up with nothing else except fah’Cactus, your default restuarnt. (sorry Cactus, you are our default restaurant and frankly, I am getting sick of you.)

So if you ever ask the following questions, Food Persuasion should be your resource

  • Where should we eat? Screw Cactus, we ALWAYS go there, what else?
  • Is it one of those places in which it is a social norm to have a $200 bottle of wine featured at my table or else I just won’t fit in?
  • Ok, I want cheap, chill but, not scrub and awesome food
  • I have a date with a hot girl and I need to look like Steve Jobs kind of rich, where do I go?    *** my usual response: Drive a Ferrari, take her to McD’s and order her the happy meal.

No, I do not get paid to do this nor am I an arrogant food blogger who demand a free meal at restaurants *ahem, yes you know who you are. As my mission , opinions on this blog  are  hideously honest, sometimes politically incorrect and yes I curse, so readers can trust that the reviews and opinions are real.

Happy Eating!

Caroline Lau