Vancouver Restaurants Stay Afloat with Creative Meal Options

As many restaurants in metro Vancouver close their doors to the public a few kitchens remain open. Here are some creative ways restaurants are helping their staff and each other. As well as ways that we all can help. 

On a personal note, I have been blogging for many years and have met the most amazing, passionate people within the food industry. From farmers to cooks, servers and owners. They are some of the most generous people I know. One thing that unites them is their passion to serve food that makes people happy. It crushes me to see so many of my friends struggle. So I have come back from my blogging hiatus to rally around these generous people and give them all the support and love. 

If you want to be added to this list please let me know by emailing

Staff Meal -Founded by Say Mercy and The Mackenzie room. When they decided to close their staff were laid off. As many may not have much disposable income they still needed to eat, born Staff Meal. Meals like stews, grains, pasta sauce at servings of 500ml for $5 – $10, makes this affordable. Each order has an automatic add-on fee of $2, which is donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. You can also donate meals to front-line staff. 

The Federal Store –  They taken out their seating and replaced it with shelves of bake at home pastry favourites. Also pantry and bath essentials like baking soda, yeast, paper towels. Delivery is by donation.

A few other restaurants that open have delivery and take-out options. This wonderful site Breaking Bread  has a whole list of restaurants in metro Vancouver that deliver or have takeout options or curb side pickup. There are about a whole slew of restaurants there. From Beta 5, DD Mau, Ancora 3/4 Full Cafe,  to Autostrada, which takeout menu is 20% off their regular at gift cards are 15%. The Ellis, has a pickup and delivery option. Cibo Trattoria and Doy Chau, Field and Social have special promotions for front line workers.

OCO Meals – Meals made in bulk by local restaurants and delivered to your door.  Meals range from $7 and up, dishes like shepherds pie, Goat Salan with Basmati Rice. 

 “In order for us to keep our business and the 14 local businesses who we partner with running we do need to go back to our normal pricing starting April 9th. For next week’s orders we will be offering a 10% discount to everyone (use code 10OFFCVD at checkout between April 9-15th). We will continue adding affordable options to our menu, and we are working on other new promotions. If this change makes our service unaffordable for you, please reach out to us and we will do what we can to help you.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for supporting us and every one of our local food partners. As we help put food on your table, know that your purchase also helps us and our partners do the same for our families.” – OCO Meals





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