Thierry Holiday Dessert to Share and Savour

Thierry holiday 2018 line-up of artisanal desserts, from his signature Buches de Noel to his holiday macarons – in cranberry, gingerbread and stollen flavours – are sure to delight the most discerning of palates.

This year’s collection of traditional French desserts feature exquisite flavours that sing of the holidays. Choose between Chef Thierry’s five delectable yule log selections:

Chestnut: Hazelnut sponge, chestnut mousse, candied chestnuts, and chocolate ganache

Coffee and Toffee: Coffee-infused sponge, coffee and white chocolate cream, buttery toffee, and milk chocolate mousse

Chocolate and Orange: Chocolate sponge, orange cremeux, dark chocolate mousse, and chocolate sable

Lime and Raspberry: Light lime mousse, lime cremeux, raspberry gelee, and coconut sable

Maple and Pralines: Maple mascarpone mousse, pumpkin sponge, and pecan pralines

“We’re really excited to unveil our 2018 holiday collection to our guests and to be a part of their festive celebrations,” says Chef Thierry. “It’s a privilege to be at the table with family and friends, and to share our passion for the art of pastry.”

Yule logs are available in three different sizes ranging from small ($34.95), medium ($45.95), and large ($55.95). Advance orders can be taken up to December 21st with pick-up on either December 23rd or 24th after 9 am.

With a canvas of rich flavours, Chef Thierry showcases his artisanal flair with new works of pastry art. Try his Yuzu and Pomegranate Fromage Blanc Tart, Vanilla Bean and Coffee Macaron Cake, or Lime and Raspberry Cake. And just to add something for those with a passion for nuts, Chef Thierry’s Hazelnut Tart or Pistachio and Kirsch Cherry Wreath are the perfect finale for the table. These desserts range from $26.95 to $52.95.

Traditionalists will be sure to pick up Thierry’s ever-popular holiday chocolates, spiced tarts and Kugelhopf.

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