Grain Vegetarian Fare

I went to this cute cafe, Grain Vegetarian Fare on a whim. They serve fresh healthy Japanese influenced cuisine. They also have a few organic grab and go dishes in the cooler, organic food sauces and grains and a range of healthy baked treats on sale.

It was a cold and wet day so I went for their soup. We had the minestrone and cheese and potato soup. It was one of the best soups I have ever had served in either a fast food setting or a cafe, even chain resturants. The minestrone soup was my favourite. They make the batch first thing in the morning and reheat each portion individually and add the pasta then. Care was put in each dish and it really shines through. The vegetables were fresh and not soggy and the pasta was al dente. I saw the cook in the back whisk the cheese and potato soup over the stove. Not a single clump, it was creamy and super flavourful.


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