Rise Eatery Review

On South Granville bustling corridor sits Rise Eatery. I am so glad I was introduced to this restaurant. The decor is modern and bright and clean and the service is friendly and knowledgable. The menu is creative and executed very well.

I have a few recommendations, their menu will change depending on the seasonal produce.

From their brunch menu I recommend the ramen. I know what you may be thinking but, this is probably one top 2 ramen’s I have tried in Vancouver. It’s broth is super rich and packs a punch of flavour and smokiness, “house cured and smoked beef bacon, soft-boiled free range egg, blistered tomatoes, butter toast broth.” The hog it, “house-smoked paradise valley pork belly, sautéed apples, yukon gold hash, soft poached free range eggs, grainy mustard hollandaise” is a fairly rich dish. The kind that just settles in your stomach for hours after. The smoked pork  was quite chewy, I would say too chewy.

I recommend going here for their dinner menu. Their menu is quite unique and so are the flavours and dishes were executed well. We probably ordered the entire main entree menu, in general all the dishes were quite good. I will cover the ones that stood out for me. ME SO SLAMON ‘pan roasted miso salmon, edamame succotash’, black cod was in season when I went. It was packed full of flavour, the fish was fatty and cooked perfectly, sitting in a consume. It was amazing. Duck, duck jus, “pan seared fraser valley duck breast, five spice leg confit, taro potato gnocchi, roasted carrots, pickled mandarin, toasted filberts honey pan jus” Again the combination was unique and executed perfectly. I also recommend the shroom, “wild mushroom, udon, silken tofu cream, cashew parmesan.” This is a heavy side but it was so silky and had so much umami.

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