Laksa King

Laksa king own for their rich and flavourful noodle bowls. The decor is  eclectic, an homage to the 50’s. With its neon signs and classic car mural. I believe this location used to be a diner.
I have been craving their Sunday’s Best noodle bowl, a steaming clear and flavourful broth with pork and fish balls, fish tofu, chive, greens on a bed of vermicelli noodles. This is my kind of comfort food. The broth is so good, it’s rich and deep without the heaviness. Only available on Sundays.

You can’t go to the Laksa King without ordering their laksa. Now I have had this before and the spices really pop. This time it seemed a little watered down, perhaps because we requested for mild spiciness. All in all it was very decent.
The roti is a must get. Crispy and fluffy morsels of deliciousness.

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