TWG Tea Debut Flagship in Vancouver

TWG Tea, is expanding with its first North American Tea Salon & Boutique opening this fall in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

An iconic global brand, TWG Tea opened its first headquarters in Singapore eight years ago to initiate trading with plantations across Asia (Singapore’s geographic placement is ideally situated for TWG Teas to receive goods faster than European or American-based teahouses, which means consumers benefit from a richer, fresher and more flavourful cup). The strategic move, as well as the brand’s continued focus on quality and sourcing the finest teas from every tea-producing country in the world – currently, TWG Tea’s exclusive collection includes more than 800 varieties of elegant blends and harvests – has contributed to its impressive expansion into 56 locations in 17 cities, including London, Shanghai, Tokyo and Dubai.  

Launching in North America is a key component of the company’s global expansion strategy, particularly since the continent is showing a rising thirst for the coveted commodity. In 2015, tea sales in Canada amounted to $1.3 billion CDN and consumption is expected to grow an additional 40 percent by 2020. North American consumers are also willing to pay more for premium teas, including organic and luxury brands, due to their high quality standards*. In fact, a recent report published by Bain & Company identifies North America as the world’s largest market for luxury products with over 113 billion CDN dollars worth of retail goods sold in 2015.  

TWG Tea’s decision to debut its flagship North American store in Vancouver resulted from a careful analysis of the market, and is primarily due to the city’s existing tea culture, large Asian population, and local appreciation for niche and artisanal beverages. The TWG Tea Salon & Boutique will be situated within the downtown core of Vancouver’s upscale luxury retail hotspot. The primary goal for TWG Tea is to cultivate an even stronger tea culture in North America, which is why the Vancouver TWG Tea Salon & Boutique will not just be a retail venue but also a resource for interested consumers to learn more about teas around the world, properties of different varieties, and the many high quality seasonal tea blends available. The store will also carry TWG Tea exclusive blends such as 1837 Black Tea and Silver Moon Tea; deluxe varieties like the Haute Couture Tea Collection and Gold Yin Zhen; and will integrate a myriad of these signature teas into savoury recipes and exquisite tea-infused patisseries to be at the forefront of tea gastronomy. 


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