Steel Toad Brewpub and Dining – For Serious Foodies & Boozies

Steel Toad Brewpub and Dining resides in a restored heritage Opsal Steel building that reminds you have a red barn. It is massive inside, with large windows and TV screens surrounding the bar. Steel Toad Brewery also features a colossal projector screen at the front and can be seen from almost every table of the restaurant.

Only available during brunch, the breakfast pizza, pork neck, eggs, cherry tomato and jalapeno is for serious brunchers. Sweet, tang, spicy, smoky, it’s an explosion of flavour.

My favourite pizza there and when compared to the breakfast plates, which looked pretty average this is far better choice.

The beer selection is small but good. I tried them all, my favourite is the rye IPA, west coast hops, with spicy rye malt. Steel Toad’s rye IPA reminds me of a more intense version of Phillip’s Krypton. If you are looking for a heavier beer, I liked their oatmeal stout, intense chocolate, roasted coffee and thicker and silky in texture.

I suggest you try it out for yourself. Their rating on Zomato is subpar, don’t let a few disgruntled reviewers stop you from trying it out, you might actually like the restaurant.  Some people have ridiculous expectations and unfortunately many of those people who are so critical are also the loudest.   My personal experiences at Steel Toad Brewpub have always been pleasant.

They also have a small happy hour appetizer menu.

Steel Toad Brewpub and Dining Hall Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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