Pumkin Beer Challenge: Russell, Howe Sound, Elysian, Phillips and Steamworks

Tis’s the season for Pumpkin flavoured drinks. People are either obsessed or sick of pumpkin ale’s. I love it, and I rounded up a few of my favourite pumpkin beers. It really depends on your taste preferences, some like it maltier, some hoppier, so I have devised a rating to help you pick out your favourite from my list.

Russell happy jack pumpkin jack ale – This pumpkin ale is oaked. Not a punch in the face but a clean pumpkin flavours Not overkill on the pumpkin spices. Also not as sweet compared to the Elysian

Howe sound brewery pumkineater imperial – This pumpkin beer is at a heavier 8%. More rich and malty than the Russell happy jack pumpkin. The pumpkin spices are well balanced. A clean pumpkin taste and finishes with a smooth cinnamon finish
Body: 4/5
Pumpkiness: 2/5
Maltiness: 2/5
Hops: 2/5

Phillips crookedaer tooth pumpkin ale – Pumpkin beer had a nice body, definitely more spice heavy. A punch in the face and then it rounds out smooth. The hops jump out front and then takes a back seat to the malt. Compared to the Howe sound Pumpkinater and Elysian Night Owl this has a nice hop to malt balance.
Body: 4/5
Pumpkiness: 4/5
Maltiness: 3/5
Hops: 2/5

Elysian Night Owl – Heavier on the malts than it’s pumpkin beer predecessor. It’s like drinking an jacked up pumpkin pie. Intense. Felt it lacked the hops to balance the malty sweetness of the beer.
Body: 3/5
Maltiness: 4/5
Hops: 1/5

Steamworks Pumpkin Ale – Clean pumpkin flavour. Hoppier than the others. Something unexpected ginger gives it a slight heat.
Body: 3/5
Maltiness: 2/5
Hops: 3/5

Granville Island the pumpkining – we didn’t get a flavour profile that was consistent. Pumpkin upfront but then it looses it self. The hops thay was used gave it a strange aftertaste thay overpowered the pumpkin. flavour

Body: 1/5
Maltiness: 2/5
Hops: 1/5
Pumkin Beer Fight: Russell, Howe Sound, Elysian, Phillips and Steamworks

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