Calabash Serves a Boozey Brunch

The Calabash is starting a brunch service and we got to try a 3 course menu paired with cocktails. This is a cool joint that makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean. The Iive music made for a very fun and vibrant room.

We started off with a yogurt lassi with rosewater, mint and a sprinkle of pistachio. It was really refreshing and light. There was also a starter of  fritters that were dense and moist. They were served with mango and guava butters. A very decadent start!

Escovitch Fish – The snapper was tangy and meaty and was cooked perfectly. The fried plantain was sweet and savoury…I could’ve eaten a whole plate of it! The mimosa was nicely balanced and was a nice refreshing start.

Oxtail stew – The ox is spiced and roasted and then braised. It was really moist with a good amount of heat. This is what I was waiting for! The dish worked well by breaking the yolk and mixing everything together. The dish was paired with a Dark & Stormy. What can I of my all time favourites, but this one was pretty epic. It was topped with fresh coconut shavings and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I’ll return just for this drink!

Salara French toast – the in-house baked bread is a traditional Guyanese bread with a coconut filling. It was nice and crispy on outside and moist on the inside. The banana cream and mango syrup were not too sweet and really worked well with the toast. The dish was served with the Coconut Jumby.
Rum shaken with coconut water, muddled lemongrass, mint and finished with lime zest and coconut shavings..what more is there to say other than well done Calabash!

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