The Fish Counter- Sustainable Seafood in Hipsterville

The Fish Counter

The Fish Counter is a new small joint that opened up on Vancouver’s own  Hipsterville, Main Steet. Opened by Oceanwise co-founders Chef Robert Clark and Marine Biologist Mike McDermid . Clark was behind the brilliance of C restaurant.

They’ll only serve seafood that’s available in season and sustainable.

Sustainable fresh fish market
Sustainable fresh fish market

Think of this place like a standup only cafeteria/ market. There are only two benches, no tables.

The Fish Counter

I wanted something light; I figured I wanted to go restaurant hopping on Main St, so I ordered their dairy free seafood chowder.

The broth had a powerful punch, amazingly fresh and flavourful.  However, where is the seafood? I think I found pinky-nail pieces of clam, probably 7, and a sliver of salmon.

Dairy Free Seafood Chowder
Dairy Free Seafood Chowder

I was eyeing the seafood bouillabaisse and that looked delicious and hearty. Damn, should have gotten that instead.

The fish counter daily menu
The fish counter daily menu

I really wanted to love this place. It isn’t really far of me to judge The Fish Counter on one dish, although underwhelming as it was. I will be back.

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