Snackbox – Alternative to Healthy and Delicious Snacking

Enter to win a box of snacks from Snackbox, contest details below

Snacbox Contest @foodpersuasion
Snacbox Contest @foodpersuasion

It’s like clockwork, once it hits 3PM, I get the munchies. So I check my junk cupboard and plunge into bag of chocolate covered almonds (deadly) or the costco size bag of chips.  On Sunday, I usually tell myself, you must eat healthier this week, stay away from those damn chocolate almonds. So to make it easier I’ve been introduced to Snackbox.

A Vancouver based company that delivers healthy snack alternatives right to your door every month., taking the work and temptation out of snacking.

What I like about these snacks, are not only are they delicious but, they are sourced from ethical food companies large and small that focuses on only using natural ingredients. No ding-dongs here.

Subscriptions start from $27 a month. Use promo code  “FOODPERSUASION” to receive $15 off your first month of Snackbox. Promo code expires November 30th.

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Contest Details:

One lucky reader will win a free snackbox. To enter just Tweet & Follow or Share on Facebook. Contest ends and draw, Oct 26, 2013

Tweet:  “RT & Follow to Win a Free #Snackbox @FoodPersuasion “

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