LaStella Winery

LaStella Winery

Winery Features

  • Restaurant: None
  • Region: Osoyoos, South Okanagan
  • Patio/ picnic area
  • $5 wine tastings with credit towards purchase
  • Gorgeous views

List of All Osoyoos Wineries

LaStella view
LaStella view

This was my favorite winery. Mark the wine connoisseur knew his stuff. I think we spent nearly 35 minutes at this gorgeous Tuscan villa, sipping on wine and chatting up with Mark.

LaStella Tuscan Winery
LaStella Tuscan Winery

They also have a patio overlooking some epic scenery. You are welcome to bring a picnic basket and lunch on their patio, I will definitely be doing that next time.

Picnic Patio
Picnic Patio

The wine was some of the best I have tasted on this trip. My favourite was the Maestoso, for a $100. LaStella crown jewel. Reminded me of steak and tomatoes. On the noise smoked mean, coffee, toffee. Tastings was big and bold, creamy and the tannins were ripe. The finish was longer than most wines.

As respect to the wine, I wasn’t going to just go to a restaurant and order a so-so steak. This wine demands the best, so we had to source an excellent steak and cooked it in our hotel.

**sidenote** Wow! Watermark Beach Resort’s kitchen was fully stocked kitchen, including a cast iron pan and a blender. It is even more fully stocked than my kitchen. So kudos to Watermark.
LaStella is also a sister to Le Vieux Pin


LaStella Winery

8123 148th Ave RR 2, Osoyoos

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