Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

Winery Features

Restaurant: Miradoro Restaurant
Tastings free
Region: Oliver, South Okanagan
Unique features: free wine tastings, summer concert series, one of the most stunning views

Gorgeous! The views are spectacular. For a few years now Tinhorn Creek has been presenting a concert series during the summer and anytime a stadium is perched on top of a mountain, in a vineyard…Yes Please!

Stage at Tinhorn Creek
Stage at Tinhorn Creek

A very popular destination for weddings, the vineyard is ideal for it. This bench was just too romantic to pass up and I usually cringe at cute/romantic things but, maybe because I was on vacation or, I was mesmerized by the stunning views and I’ve been sipping on wine for nearly 4 hours but, I thought this winery would be a perfect setting for a wedding.  (ahhheemm…don’t read too much into this)

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards secret spot

Upon walking in,  you are immediately welcomed with a glass of wine and instructed to explore their grounds. There are two bars where you can try out a few of their wines and a small shop in the middle. A great tidbit, if you don’t want to carry their wines back you can purchase them at your local VQA store.

Tasting Room and shop
Tasting Room and shop

Standing at the top of Tinhorn’s Creek grand stair case.

Tinhorn creek vineyards
Tinhorn creek vineyards

This is a small vineyard where guests are invited to tastes the grapes. Quite interesting, you can taste the difference between the grapes as you go through the different varieties

Tinhorn creek sample vineyard
Tinhorn creek sample vineyard

Their winery restaurant,  Miradoro Restaurant is on the pricier side, their steak are a little more expensive than Gotham’s Steakhouse in Vancouver.

There is separate room where they showcase their barrels, it’s pretty neat, you learn a little bit more about the types of wood they use and the reason why.

wine barrel room
wine barrel room

I will definitely be back, the estate is just too breath-taking to miss.

Events at Tinhorn:

Okanagan Fall Wine Festival – Oct 3

Chef vs Chef Dinner – Oct 4

For more events at Tinhorn please visit Tinhorn in my events section

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

537 Tinhorn Creek Road
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0
(250) 498-3743

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