A Coffee Fanatic’s Dream Come True

Recently came back from my amazing vacation to Bali. Every morning I enjoyed a carafe of Balinese coffee pool side overlooking the beach.
poolside coffee

For the next 11 days I was blissfully happy, just looking at this picture helps me relax.
poolside view

Bali is well known for their coffee. They take their coffee seriously. Balinese java is much denser, full bodied with hints of cocoa and herbs. I drank coffee 2 -3 times a day, I couldn’t’ get enough of it, I was hooked.

After some convincing, our private guide took us to a Luwak coffee plantation, a coffee fanatic’s dream come true. I was taken on a tour of the plantation, touching, seeing and smelling and trying to digest every little detail.

Some background information:

Luwak coffee comes from feeding a civit-like animal, Paradoxurus otherwise known as luwaks, ripe coffee cherries, cocoa beans and various berries. The coffee beans ferments while going through the Luwak digestive systems. When it exits the bean remains intact. It is washed, dried, roasted and ground up.

The flavor is amazing, I’m a heavy coffee fanatic and this is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had. It is rich and heavy with hints of caramel and chocolate. The body is almost syrupy, yet it goes down so smooth. Very earthy and had a natural sweetness to it.

This is a Luwak

Unwashed beans
unwashed beans

Sifting and washing
washing and sifting

Washed Beans
washed beans

Roasting beans
roasting coffee beans

Grinding beans
grinding beans

Luwak Coffee
luwak coffee

We got to try a whole range of flavours, from ginseng infused bali coffee to tamarind coffee.
coffee samples

More of my amazing Bali food adventure to come…

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