EAT Vancouver 2013 Highlights

This year EAT, in particular the Drinking pavilion did not disappoint. Moneesh Reddy, my talented photographer and I went on a surprisingly educational foodgasmic adventure.

Some of our EAT Vancouver favourites:

Karma ffin, has no flour, no additional sugar, no additives and ridiculously moist. They are available at Save-on-Foods and Urban Fare.

Karma ffin

Family run Damiani Fine Foods, imports award winning, luxury Italian foods. I bought a package of saffron and truffle infused pasta.

tartufissima - damian foods

Marco, owner and son was so passionate about his products and business took the time to show me some of their goodies. Not yet available locally but they do have an online store.

damiani fine foods 1

Giddy YoYo – raw food craze, no dairy chocolate.  Instead of cooking the chocolate beans the chocolate is fermented, kept below 115F, leaving all the nutrients untouched. Most chocolates are heated to the point where all the nutrients and anti-oxidents are stripped. The 85% chocolate was so smooth, at this high cocoa percentage found in lower quality chocolates you get the almost chalky finish. The Giddy YoYo bar was buttery smooth.

giddy yoyo

O mission – surprisingly good gluten free beer.

glutten free beer

Thank you to all the exhibitors that took the time to really educate me on their products, from tastings toproduction.

Juan Santos: compared 21 year vs 12 year rum. I am not a rum connoisseur by any means but, after a few tips and sips I fell in love with the 20 year rum.

Juan Santos Rum
juan santos grand reserve
Ungava gin is yellow because of the infusion of herbs and flowers. I’m not usually into flavoured alcohol especially in pure tasting spirits like gin. Ungava has a mellow and surprisingly refreshing taste. No mixing required.

Ungava gin


Vancouver Oil Company, owner Michealanne brings passion into all her products. She took the time to educate and explain the tasting and production of her products. Video blog to come. Her kits store has over 52 cultivators of oil and vinegars available for tastings. The peach balsamic was intense!

Michealanne and husband Micheal
Vancouver oil company 1

Vancouver oil company 3

Thank you…I don’t think I’d ever be able to try that many premium sake’s all at once. The two main components in sake is water and rice. I tried, Cedar barrel sake, to Sake lover sake, which is a more traditional, dry sake. Kikazakne Sake is a lot lighter because the water is from Nagano, which was much softer.


One of my favourite highlights was Tony Foulkes from Edgemont Village, I went up to him and said, can you teach me the basics of Whiskey, I don’t know much. He replied, “ I’ve been in the whiskey, Bourbon business for decades and I still don’t know much, I’m still learning. Anyone that say that they know all, is an idiot. I made an instant connection. I probably spent close to 25mins at their booth, where he explained the difference in barrels, region of Scotland, process of making a whiskey peaty. Don’t worry I will explain it all in my next blog.

Tony Foulkes from Edgemont Village

Tacofino food truck – owners and cooks Jason Sussman and beautiful helper Che. Jason is actually a lot nicer than he looks.


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