10 Best Desserts in Vancouver

I’ve been in a flurry of sugary happiness this summer.

My top 10 favourite desserts in Vancouver

Not in any order…

  1. Deep Fried Banana at Coast (special request)
Deep Fried Banana - Coast
Deep Fried Banana – Coast

2. Coconut Cake at Coast,

3. Thierry’s Tiramisu

Thierry Tiramisu
Thierry Tiramisu

4. Bel Café’s White chocolate coconut cake part of Hawksworth Restaurant at the Georgia Hotel

Bel Cafe White Chocolate Cake
Bel Cafe White Chocolate Cake

5. Soirette’s macarons

Soirette's Macarons
Soirette’s Macarons

6. Fable Kitchen‘s Lemon Pot de Crème mmmm

Joe Fortes Chef's Trio Dessert
Joe Fortes Chef’s Trio Dessert

7. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

We hung out with tourists at Joe Fortes. One of the admirable traits that put Joe Fortes ahead of many other restaurants is their consistency. Their service is always warm and their food is always consistent. It may not be five-star dining but, it’s always good.

I couldn’t decide on one dessert so I ordered the trio. It was huge! For $14 it was a deal and scrumptious. It is a little more on the sweeter side compared to the usual dessert restaurants and cafes mentioned above.

8. Joe Fortes Dessert Trio included a mix of cakes, brûlée , cookies, fruits, gelato

  • Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brûlée and cookies and cream
  • Traditional Tiramisu – mascarpone cream, lady fingers, espresso
  • Molten Center Chocolate Cake – brandied cherries, vanilla gelato
  • Biscotti

9. As an alternative, the dessert section at Urban Fare, Shangri-La (more selection than the Coal Harbour location) is definitely worth your visit. Not your typical grocery store desserts . My favourite is the strawberry shortcake and anything chocolate. I know it’s not the absolute best but, it is in the grocery store category.

Urban Fare Chocolate Cakes
Urban Fare Chocolate Cakes

While you are there you might as well go all out and swing by their chocolate section and add Thomas Haas’s chocolates and Vosges into your cart.

10. I have been meaning to review Bella Gelateria for a long time. It is sooo good, while we wolf down this International award-winning, gelato we take a scenic stroll on the seawall. It makes me so happy. It must be the happiest food, I have never seen anyone frown while they were eating Bella Gelateria’s gelato.

Source Bella Gelateria Gelato
Source Bella Gelateria Gelato

In January 2012, James represented Canada at the World Cup of Gelato in Rimini, Italy as the Team’s Gelato Master. Team Canada finished 1st in North America and some of James’s flavours were ranked in the top 10 in the world.

Their flavours changes daily but, my favourite is a classic intense Chocolate Banana. I do mean intense. They don’t close till 11 so plenty of time.

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