The American Cheesesteak Co – The All American Dream Sub

Prime rib that melts in your mouth, the Philly cheesesteak subs represents the true meaning of America’s obsession of overindulgence. Hunks of meat, melted cheese, bacon mayo and, onions all in a 9” toasted bun was my dinner, breakfast and lunch.

The American cheesesteak Co

Towards the end of our food cart crawl, I persuaded my foodie co-horts Simon of Life in the Lower Mainland and Rachel of Posh Pudding to try the highly anticipated American Cheesestake Co. on Davie.

American cheesesteak dining

Similar to a cafe, they require you to pay and order at the front before you sit.

American cheesesteak menu

The prices ($9 – 14) were pretty decent considering the whopping size of the subs and fries.

The cowboy was a fatty sub of awesomess. Huge portions of prime rib, crispy fried onions, homemade spicy BBQ sauce, bacon mayo and aged white cheddar on a 9” toasted bun.

May be if I didn’t previously wolf down two meals within a span of an hour I would appreciate the cowboy more. I had 5 freaking burgers / subs that day! It was so huge I had to use a knife and fork. I loved the texture of the crispy onions and the flavor of the meat was very good. 3.5/5

cowby cheesesteak

Fries, are first boiled in sugar, water and vinegar, to take away the starch and to create holes so that the oil can penetrate it when frying. It is then refried twice for extra crispiness. We decided to order the truffle aioli sauce, side note, all sauces are made in-house. The fries are similar to concession fries, thicker and less crispy. That being said, for fries that were refried twice, I expected it to be crispier than what it actually was. 2/5

refried fries

After the holidays, we all agreed we should incorporate healthier diet options hence, the vegetarian sub. Healthy my ass!! The good earth was loaded with so much cheese that it overpowered all the rest of the ingredients. It was as if they decided they needed a vegetarian option but ran out of time, an uncreative veggie option with only mushrooms, onions and peppers. The bun became so soggy after a few minutes because they failed to take away the water from the mushrooms 1/5

good earth

The meal was so stereotypical American is so many ways, a whole lotta sugar, sodium and vats of fat. I don’t think I could eat another sub for the next few months after that meal.

The American CheeseSteak Co. on Urbanspoon

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