12b – Merry Debauchery and Mouthwatering Dishes -100th Post!

**updated: July 25, 2013 – Closed** Chef Todd has closed his underground restaurant, continuing his career above ground


This is my 100th Post!!!

It was a delicious struggle to get this far. Thank you for all my readers and foodies that have supported me so far. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


In a nondescript location situates 12 B an underground restaurant inside a loft. The loft was decorated with eclectic art pieces for sale throughout. Chef Todd most memorable through his cooking and his potty mouth, was brilliant. The dishes were delicious!

dining room-12b
What we loved about the loft instead of a restaurant was that a loft gives a kind of privacy that allows debauchery and wacky behavior that a restaurant will most likely kick you out for.


Get ready this is a whopping 6 course food adventure guaranteed to get your mouth-watering. It was so good I started throwing in f’ bombs to emphasize how great it was. Unfortunately, that was not the only reason I was cursing, by the 4th dish I was getting pretty tipsy turning me into little potty mouth.

Now the food…

Mushroom soup – gorgonzola white wine mushroom soup with Morel and Shinji’s mushrooms . This dish was very rich and an explosion of flavour. The gorgonzola and balsamic were the star ingredients. If I could bathe in this I would. I loved this dish 4.5/5

mushroom soup - 12b

Seared scallops, crispy pork belly and a green bean salad with goat cheese and tomatoes. Each portion had a different flavour. The seared scallops were sweet, pork belly crispy and salty, green bean salad was sour from the balsamic and tomatoes. I loved the concept that each portion touched a different section of our palette and, when combined, was even better. 3.5/5

scallops - 12b

Quail butternut squash puree and according to Chef Todd, “best fucking bacon” on a bed of quinoa. Holy fuck, this was unanimously everyone’s fave dish. The juicy quail, smokiness from the bacon, sweetness from the butternut squash and corn was a perfect combination. Chef Todd, this dish made me fall in love with your restaurant. 5/5
quail - 12b

Usually, I can EAT, but, I’ve been attending so many dinner parties, almost every day for a month, sometimes twice a day that I was dying at this point. I was so full.

Grilled turkey thigh, orange turkey j’us, forbidden rice, fennel orange and pepper threads, an Asian inspired dish. May be because I was so full or that because the quail dish before was so orgasmic, this just didn’t quite make it. Overall, this was a good dish.

turkey - 12b

By now, I’ve turned into a bit of a potty mouth. No worries, Chef Todd was on board this train way before I boarded.

Braised lamb shank, port demi, spicy curry sauce, baby potatoes and brccolini. I have to say I loved the port demi, delicious. The lamb however was bit on the dry side and bland. Compared to the previous dishes this lacked oomph. 3/5
lamb shank - 12b

Have you tried bacon ice cream? If you are a bacon lover like moi, you will probably love it.

Poached pear with ginger, ginseng drizzled with caramel. White chocolate cinnamon Madaline pecans and finally, maple bacon ice cream. Yes, it tasted as good as it sounds. I could have done without the ginseng, which gave the otherwise sweet desert a bitter taste. 3.5/5

pear madaline - 12b

There are a few details before you start making reservations minimum party of 8 and minimum donation of $65. You will have to provide your own booze. It is well worth it, the quality of the dishes and the loft

2 thoughts on “12b – Merry Debauchery and Mouthwatering Dishes -100th Post!

  1. Congratulations on your 100th Post! That’s not an easy feat to do for any blogger. So you can’t give us even a little hint about where 12 B is huh?

    1. Thanks Vincent, hahaha nooo… I think Chef Todd will hire an assassin and kill me if I told anyone. Although, I absolutely recommend it. I

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