Kingyo Craze – $20 for 5 courses! *Sold Out

Kingyo Izakaya with Vaneats

Kingyo CrazePicture source: Vaneats
**Update Dec 1, this event has been sold out**

A 5 Course, $19 Dining Pass from December 1st – December 31st, 2011:

  1. “Sashimi Salad”, three kinds of sashimi (changes daily) on a bed of organic springs dressed with soy based vinaigrette and garlic oil
  2. “Seared Negitoro Sushi”, chopped tuna & green onions with seaweed paste and Kingyo’s original sauce
  3. “Chicken Breast Tender & Cod Roe Spring Roll”, served with a side of mayo & special soy sauce
  4. “Deep fried tofu and mushrooms”, served in a sizzling stone bowl (DO NOT TOUCH THE BOWL!)
  5. “Petit Almond Tofu”, Kingyo’s famous super smooth and refreshing almond tofu with persimmon sauce

To buy your pass,

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