Sarabeth’s – Velvety Cream of Tomato Soup

Very popular tourist brunch cafe in New York, Central Park. Part of Food Persuasion taking on NYC series

Sarabeth’s a very popular restaurant for brunch, situated across from Central Park, New York. On the weekends expect a long line but, it does move quickly.

You do feel rushed, they kept on coming back to check whether we were finished even though we clearly were still in the middle of the meal.

The highlight of the meal was the highly sought after Sarabeth’s velvety cream of tomato soup. Hot Damn! I can’t stop raving about the soup. Even my cousin who hates tomatoes loved the soup. It was an indulgent creamy soup with just the right amount of seasoning. I loved it so much I requested it for Thanksgiving. We had some homemade cheddar biscuits on the side and we were in heaven. Ahem, Marian, could I have some more please?? 🙂

I found Sarabeth’s velvety cream of tomato soup on their Blog, Goddess of Bakedom
tomato soup

Farmer’s Omelets, a medley of vegetables and multigrain toast. As a warning, don’t eat anything before, the portions are huge. The omelet was nice and fluffy and if you wanted an old fashion omelet, this is it.
famers omellete

Popeye eggs, scrambled eggs on an English muffin with Black forest ham and sautéed spinach. This was old school. It was nicely cooked and very simple
popeye eggs

Classic eggs benedict, Canadian bacon, Hollandaise sauce and chives with a bed of salad. This was exactly as described, “classic”. No frills eggs benedict.

When I go back I would only order their velvety soup. I was full when I finished and licked the last drop from my bowl. I mean just looking at it I’m salivating.

Recommend you go early on the weekends, it’s first come first serve. I believe they also have it on their dinner menu.

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