Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar – Simple and Tasty Italian, Best Value Downtown

Frankies Bar

We were seated in the dining section for a late lunch. Sadly, other than us there was one other patron. The room was nice and spacious. The service was friendly and, the food was simple and good dishes. It reminded me of home cooked Italian dinners.


Bolognaise pasta – it was very good, and the sauce was not overly salty as with many pasta dishes.

bolognaise pasta

We both enjoyed the seafood risotto, with prawns, scallop and, the risotto was perfectly cooked and the then creamy tomato based sauce was rich and flavorful.

seafood rissoto

Overall, the price was very pretty decent for portion and the quality. Actually, it may be the best value Italian food you can find downtown Vancouver, even without our discount.  We ended using a Frankie’s promotional flyer at a $20 discount.

I would absolutely recommend this restaurant for lunch.

Frankies receipt

Frankie's Italian Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar – Simple and Tasty Italian, Best Value Downtown

  1. I find it amazing how “food bloggers” like yourself can be so short-sighted and ignorant in their comments. You say you would recommend Italian kitchen as a great value for money restaurant, Is it because they give you great big bowls of pasta? That often contain out of season ingredients! “Food bloggers” should rather appreciate the restaurants that offer seasonal, locally sourced produce on their menu’s.

    Just food for thought: You get what you pay for!

    1. While I do appreciate the quality of the ingredients and where it was sourced, if the quality of the ingredients is botched in the execution that dish is ruined.
      At chain restaurants like the Italian Kitchen, the quality of the execution is always consistent.

  2. We are very glad you enjoyed your lunch at Frankie’s Italian Kitchen. This restaurant has been a great addition to our hotel since its opening – offering great food at yet a very reasonable price.

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