5th Annual Spot Prawn Festival

Annual Prawn Festival hosted by The Chef’s Table Society of BC

5th Annual Spot Prawn Festival
5th Annual Spot Prawn Festival

Where: At the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf, 1505 West 1st Avenue (Just west of Granville Island next to Go Fish).


Why: The 5th Annual Spot Prawn Festival, hosted by The Chefs’ Table Society of BC, is an exciting kick off to the six to eight week spot prawn season. Bigger and better every year, the Spot Prawn Festival is a community and family-friendly event featuring simply prepared and delicious spot prawn dishes and cooking demos attracting Vancouver’s top chefs and the restaurant community. The public can purchase plates of prawns for $10 per plate served with grilled Terra Bread, side dishes and local chef Anne Kirsebom’s Gourmet Sauces. Tickets for the Prawn Boil available on site or in advance on-line.

The festival celebrates British Columbia’s bountiful spot prawns as a local, fresh, and sustainable ingredient for our restaurant chefs and home cooks to enjoy. The public can purchase fresh caught, live spot prawns for $12 per pound for the public, they are an excellent, affordable and sustainable alternative to the farmed tiger prawns.

When: Saturday May 7th, 2010 from 11-3pm

Cooking demonstrations will also be happening at Granville Island Public Market both Saturday & Sunday

Participating chefs

Meet local chefs and fishermen at this fifth annual Spot Prawn boil and watch demonstrations from Vancouver’s top chefs. Dozens of Vancouver’s top chefs, such as James Walt, Araxi Restaurant + Bar; Rob Clark and Lee Humphries, C Restaurant;  Rob  Belcham,  Campagnolo and refuel, Chef Anne Kirsebom; Quang Dang, Diva at the Met; Chris Whittaker, O’Doul’s at the Listel; Julian Bond, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and Mary Mackay, Terra Breads cook up prawns fresh for your plate, while others demo spot prawn dishes for you to try at home.

Fishermen’s Wharf Stage – May 7th on the ½ hour from 11:30 am until 2pm

  • Ned Bell – Rosewood Hotel Georgia
  • Andrea Carlson – Bishop’s
  • Scott Jaeger – The Pear Tree
  • Hidekazu Tojo – Tojo’s
  • Alessandra Quaglia – Provence Mediterranean Grill
  • Wayne Martin – Crave on Main

Granville Island Market Stage – May 7th and 8th at 12, 1:30 and 3 pm

Hosted by Chef Stephen Wong with

  • John Bishop – Bishop’s
  • Tina Fineza – Flying Tiger, Les Faux Bourgeois, La Taqueria, Commune Cafe
  • Brandon Thordarson – 100 Days at the Opus Hotel
  • Neil Wyles – Hamilton Street Grill
  • Todd Bright – Wild Rice
  • Brendan Robson – Grouse Mountain


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