Cafe Regalade – Brunch Hotspot

Cafe Regalade, a neighborhood brunch hotspot. Serving delicious casual french brunch. Very busy during the weekends.
Food Persuasion Level : [rating=4]
Value: [rating=4]
Service : [rating=4]
Ambiance: [rating=4]
Price: $
Cuisine: French Cafe/ Brunch
Location: Kitsilano BC

Cafe Regalade

Brunch is THE  favourite meal on the weekends and, everyone is in the hunt for a great brunch spot, where the food is delicious and the line-ups are a minimum. Cafe Regalade servers up an amazing brunch and is destined to be a popular local hotspot.

Recently opened casual french restaurant, sister restaurant of La Regalade is now open for business. If you ever been to La Regalade you’ll see some familar faces in the kitchen. La Regalade’s owners Alain and Brigitte were on hand for their first full service day. All the dishes are under $20 that includes the dinner menu.

Busy Kitchen of Cafe Regalade
Busy Kitchen of Cafe Regalade

Had the opportunity to try out Cafe Regalade’s amazing brunch service with two former industry cooks.

Up at the pastry counter there was an assortment of mouth watering goodies, for the sweet tooth they offer muffins to meringue. For savory goods they offer a selection of loaves to terrine.


The selection of terrine was creative and tasty. Terrine’s include duck hazelnut, rabbit, veal appricot and champagne (pork). We ordered the duck hazelnut and the champagne terrine.

I am a big fan of duck, dishes with duck fat mmmmm… This was our fave of the two, it was moist and the hazelnut taste added an extra intense layer of flavour. The champagne terrine was a bit dry, probably because pork meat is a lot tougher.

Duck & champagne terrine


Basque Breakfast – $13.25, 2 sunny side up eggs, piperade (onions and peppers), chorizo, aioli sauce, potatoes, salad and two pieces of the obsessively delicious aioli and saffron toast. They loved it, the portions was huge, potatoes flavourful and perfectly cooked. The piperade and chorizo went so well together.

Basque Breakfast

The Aioli and Saffron toast was so amazing we ordered a side plate of it.

Safron Aioli toast

Expert Tip: from my chef friends, quality saffron is very expensive and usually when you ordered it is diluted. To know the difference, saffron usually has a distinctive coppery, metal taste. In this particular dish the distinctive safron taste lingers in the end.

Lyon Breakfast-$12.75, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, bacon, pearl onions, spinach,potatoes, and red wine sauce, salad. Red wine sauce made with veal bone and bacon. The smell was so rich and the taste perfect.

Lyon Breakfast

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