DB Bistro and Lumiere Restaurant Closes

source: Torontolife

Over the weekend staff at Lumiere and DB bistro was notified they have 2 weeks left on the job.

“BC Restaurant Association President and CEO Ian Tostenson calls the closures unfortunate, but not surprising.

“It’s the economy, the HST, and the 0.05 drinking and driving regulations. And all those have taken their cumulative toll.”

Restaurant owners have been blaming it on the HST and new drinking regulations. In argument, there are restaurants in Vancouver that are flourishing and new restaurants are popping up what seems not almost monthly.

Personally, DB Bistro and Lumiere just lost it’s luster. There might have been small attempts to reinvent themselves but, nothing that really grabbed our attention. In the beginning it was over hyped now, it’s just overpriced.

Unfortunately, there are a few restaurants that I can think on the top of my head that fails to keep up with the continual restaurant trends, Cin Cin, West, Griffins oh, it’s pretty gross there.

Source: NEWS1130

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