Society Dining Lounge – Nice Place to Drink

Society Dining Lounge – Glowbal Group, Yaletown

Food Persuasion Level: [rating=2]
Value: [rating=3]
Service : [rating=3]
Ambiance: [rating=3]
Price: $$
Cuisine: Dining Lounge
Location: Yaletown Vancouver BC
Society Dining Lounge
Tel (604) 629-8800


Hail to the yuppies who frequent this spot and made it a Yaletown hotspot. The menu is a carbon copy of the typical Milestones and Cactus, reeking of mediocrity and, void of any creativity. On the upside the people are good looking.

Admittedly, this post was based on their dine out menu which deviates from the regular fare. However, I sometimes have the urge to people watch, I have frequented Society more than a few times and every time I order food the above critique usually rings true.

Now the Food..


Split Pea Soup – smoked ham hock, crème fraiche. Overly salty to the point of bitter.

Pea Soup

Pickled Beet Salad – chive and sour cream dressing, watercress, goat’s grilled cheese. Very stingy on the cheese, that you could barely taste it. The dressing was so sour that it became overpowering.

Beet Salad


Truffle Salisbury Steak -garlic mashed potatoes, pearl onion jus. Basically, a hamburger patty juiced up with garlic, mushrooms and onions.

Salisbury Steak

Ahi Tuna Casserole – ahi tuna, mushrooms, diced celery and peas, four cheese sauce. I admittedly not a huge fan of mac n cheese, unless it’s damn good, I probably won’t like it. This rang true for this dish, it was creamy but, it’s mac n cheese and not much else.

Salisbury Steak

Home-made Butternut Squash Perogies – roasted butternut squash filling, wild mushrooms, sour cream, wild boar bacon. My fave dish of the night. It was nicely browned and crispy. May be it was my love affair with bacon but it was delicious.

Home-made Butternut Squash Perogies


The Way dark chocolate cake – butter cream filling, vanilla gelato. It tasted like food court dessert, suffice to say a whopping disappointment.

The Way dark chocolate cake
The people of Vancouver have spoken, Society Dining Lounge receives 2 starts out of 5 on Urbanspoon. Yikes!

Society Dining Lounge on Urbanspoon

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