2010 Best in Show – Food Persuasion

Food Persuasion  finally broke 1000 unique visitors this month! Woo hooo!

Thank you for all my readers who tolerate  my sometimes bitchy and often quirky anecdotes. This would be my last post in 2010. I will be busy gearing up for a flurry of new restaurants and promotions for 2011. That’s a lie, I will be attending dinners and parties every day till the end of the month.

Side Tip: A handful of restaurants already have their 2011 Dineout Menu up on their sites.

Food Persuasion Restaurants Best in Show

Best in Show..
Kitsilano Daily Kitchen – Orgasm in my mouth that lingers forever, I can’t stop thinking of it.
Corner Suite Bistro – For their encyclopedic drink menu.

Best for Dates..
The Diamond – the space is so quaint and comfortable
Nook – relaxed with a hospitable atmosphere

Best Deals..
Twisted Fork – $8 for a Pound of Mussels
Joe Fortes – Sweet Lunch Deal

Best in Service..
Salsa & Agave – funny and cute
Fairmont Waterfront Herons – welcoming

And the not so pretty…..

The Disappointments
Commune Cafe – Just because your ingredients are local and organic does not give you an excuse to continually serve bland dishes
Preston – Dry and undercooked pasta that reminded me of tree bark
Don Guacamole’s – Tried to mask the crappiness  by adding salsa from the chips and lemon from our water. The crappy still pulled through
Gotham’s Steakhouse and Bar – “Underwhelming Piece of Cow”

Have a great holiday filled with delicious plates and fabulous wines, paired with plenty friends that will make you laugh till you choke and cry!

That’s all folks see you in 2011.

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